A Day to Be Honest

One morning, Xiaomin was on her way to work. Walking along the busy and crowded street, she was laden with anxiety. Some clothes on sale in the clothing store where she worked in were stolen these days, somehow. She smoothed her hair, took a deep breath and made up her mind to try her best sell more clothes. In this way, she could get more commission this month, and then get the cost of losing clothes back. As she thought about this, she quickened her pace to walk to the clothes store.

Xiaomin gently pushed the glass door open and saw that the colorful clothes hung in the store looked extremely beautiful in the light. Then she walked to the wardrobe, put on a new coat and looked in the mirror. Immediately, she was elated and in high spirits.

At that time, two middle-aged women came in. Xiaomin greeted them warmly. From their accent she learned that they were not locals. She thought: It’s easier to earn money from strangers. I’ll make a killing. With this in mind, Xiaomin came up at once with a sweet smile and said, “Madam, how do you enjoy your shopping? Have a rest here and see if there is anything you like.” One of the customers said, “We’re just looking, thank you!” When they picked clothes, Xiaomin was introducing on the side patiently, “Madam, I think this piece of clothing suits you very well. You must be look elegant in it. You know what? It’s limited edition! Our clothes are quite characteristic and each of them has a unique style. You are definitely unmatched in our clothes.” One of the customers nodded with a smile and began trying on the clothes. Seeing the other customer had no intention to try on the clothes, Xiaomin kept her sweet, “Madam, why not try on some clothes? This one suits you well.” When flattering the two women, she thought: These clothes are too fancy for women in their age. They will probably never wear them, even if they buy them. But these middle-aged women have great purchasing power, so I should urge them to buy the clothes by flattering them more. Then she constantly recommended different clothes to the customers while chatting with them patiently and praising their being nice in the clothes. One of the customers tried on the clothes as she praised Xiaomin, “You are so kind and so good at doing business.” Xiaomin was very flattered inside. Finally, the customers decided to buy some clothes. Xiaomin skillfully got the sum, 640 yuan, with a calculator. They paid by credit card. She swiped the credit card in a POS machine and returned it back to them. Then she saw the two customers to the door with a smile, saying, “Thank you very much. I hope you will come again.” When she came back and kept accounts, she found that she had undercharged the customers by 200 yuan. She hurriedly rushed out to look for them, but they had already vanished. She came back to the store, staring at the POS machine with her head hung in despair. She thought: It’s my first time to make such a mistake while swiping the card since I sold clothes. What’s wrong with me? Alas, how should I give account to my boss later? Should I falsify the account? She felt upset: A few days ago, some clothes were stolen on my shift, and now I undercharged the customers by 200 yuan. My working hard this month is in vain. She called out to God in her heart, “O God! I don’t understand Your intentions in this matter. Please enlighten me.” After the prayer, she recalled a passage of God’s word: “I certainly do not favor anyone. I sincerely love you who sincerely love Me, and My wrath will ever be with those who don’t sincerely love Me, so that they may always remember that I am the true God, the God who examines the innermost heart of man. Don’t act one way to others’ faces but another way behind their backs, as I see clearly everything you do and though you may fool others you cannot fool Me. I see it all clearly. It is not possible for you to conceal anything; all is within My hands” (“The Forty-fourth Utterance”). With each word of God knocking at her heart, Xiaomin realized: God requires people to be honest because the essence of Him is in faithfulness. He likes the pure and the honest, and despises the crafty. God observes everything, and my wrong doings which were against my conscience could never escape His eyes. Xiaomin recalled the last meeting, in which she told the brothers and sisters about some clothes being stolen in the store. In the meeting, Sister Li said, “Xiaomin, losing clothes did not happen by chance. It must surely hold the kindness of God. You should reflect on yourself. Do you practice being an honest person when you sell the clothes?” Xiaomin said, “If I sell honestly, I won’t earn much money. So I will first practice being an honest person in front of brothers and sisters.”

Thinking of this, Xiaomin couldn’t sit still. She felt so ashamed that her face was burning. She knew that it was God’s chastisement and judgment falling upon her. She remembered that in order to make money, she committed fraud but still felt at ease. Indeed, she lost the baseline of conscience for conducting herself as a person and didn’t have dignity or integrity. She paced back and forth before the counter and reflected on all what she had done recently: I cheated the customers, telling them the bad quality and outdated clothes were limited-editions and unique, and sold to them at high prices. How sly and cunning I am! God clearly saw what I did. At this point, she understood that it was because God was saving her by purifying and changing her selfish, despicable and self-interested satanic nature that He dealt and disciplined her. She felt remorse and self-blame, and decided to behave according to God’s words. Although Xiaomin lost some money, she had an understanding of God’s righteous disposition and truly tasted that God is holy and righteous. God doesn’t allow man to hatch schemes or deceive others, but hope that man can be an honest person. When she understood God’s will, Xiaomin set her determination before God: I must be an honest person and will never do one thing before others’ faces and another behind their backs. I must accept God’s observation, and forsake my fleshly interests and prevail over Satan!

A Day to Be Honest

In the afternoon that day, a customer came and tried on an article of clothing. She looked at herself in the mirror and asked Xiaomin, “How do I look with this coat?” Being busy with the accounts, Xiaomin casually answered, with head bowed: “You look fabulous with it. You are in a good shape that makes you charming in any clothes!” After saying this, she immediately realized that she had lied again. She thought: If I don’t say like that, she will probably not take it, and then I won’t get a commission. Then, God’s words occurred to her: “Everything that happens to people is when God needs them to stand firm in their testimony to Him. Nothing major has happened to you at the moment, and you do not bear great testimony, but every detail of your daily life relates to the testimony to God” (“Only Loving God Is Truly Believing in God”). In God’s words, Xiaomin understood His intentions and demands. In our daily life, we must practice the truth in whatever we meet, because everything is watched by God and related to the testimony for God. She realized that her behaviors were the same as those of a crafty person, and that she failed to live out the witness that God required of man. Before, for the sake of her own interests, she played tricks and cheated the customers and God revealed to her His righteous and majestic disposition. Now again, when God arranged for her this environment to experience, she didn’t glorify God, but brought shame to His name instead. She was very remorseful and prayed to God in her heart: “O God! I fall back into my old wretched ways again. Please guide me to practice to be an honest person.” Then, she suspended what she was doing, went over to the customer and told her the truth, “This is a casual style and that one is more professional. It depends on the occasion you are in.” The customer smiled, “You’re an honest person. If I had a shop, I would hire you to manage it.” At that time, Xiaomin felt at ease and peaceful in her heart, because she tasted the sweetness of practicing God’s words.

At night, before Xiaomin went home, her boss came to check the sales. Xiaomin’s heart was pounding: How should I tell about what has happened today? If I tell him the truth, I will degrade myself before him. When Xiaomin was in dilemma of keeping her own benefits or being an honest person, these words of God suddenly rang in her ears: “Don’t act one way to others’ faces but another way behind their backs.” She finally realized that her hesitation showed that she was not an honest person before God and God wouldn’t praise her. At that time, Xiaomin prayed in her heart: “O God! I beg You to guide me and give me the strength and courage to put into practice being an honest person!” With 200 yuan in her hand, she got up courage to tell her boss seriously, “Today I will pay 200 yuan in cash for I undercharged the customers 200 yuan when swiping their card today. Please take it!” Her boss said surprisingly, “Xiaomin, you are kidding! How can you do such a thing? It has never happened before.” She replied immediately, “No, it hasn’t, but today I did undercharge the customers 200 yuan. It is my fault. I am a Christian, so I must tell you the truth.” At that moment, her boss seemed to understand. He smiled and nodded. Xiaomin said to her boss calmly, “The business is good recently, but when I took inventory, I found that some clothes were gone, so I tampered with the account.” The boss looked at Xiaomin with approval and said, “You don’t need to compensate. From now on, you will get a pay rise of 200 yuan each month. My mother-in-law is also a Christian. You can have a chat with her when you are free.” Xiaomin felt it was miraculous: She had just put a little truth into practice, and she saw that God went before her to lead and encourage her.

Through this experience, Xiaomin felt that it is very important to practice being an honest person as God’s words request. She realized that by practicing being an honest people, one can be filled with peace and live life with dignity and integrity. Both God and people love an honest person. Honest people can receive God’s care and blessing and are at peace in their hearts, which can’t be measured by money. After this unusual experience, she had more faith in practicing being an honest person and understood that people who have been corrupted by Satan really need God’s judgment and chastisement so as to become honest. Xiaomin sincerely thanked God for leading her to get through a meaningful day. All the glory be to Almighty God!

By Xunuo

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