Secret to Stopping Comparing

In order to satisfy her vanity, she compared with others and flaunted wealth, so she became more and more tired. Later, what made her no longer compare?

Obey God’s Sovereignty, Live Out the Real Human Life

Aside: Everyone has his own life ideals and life goals to struggle for. Some want to be rich; some want to be famous; some want to be outstanding, and some are content to live peaceful lives. No matter what we pursue, we’ll work hard and keep constantly on the run for our ideals and goals. We’ll rely on ourselves, the people, things and objects around us to achieve them. Even if weary in body and mind, we’re not willing to stop our footsteps. Finally, we accomplish both success and fame, having achieved what we expect to pursue. But when we are enjoying the happiness all of this brings, have we ever thought: Is living this way the true human life? When sickness comes upon us and when death is drawing near, we discover that fame, position, money and familial affection, these cannot alleviate our pain at all, cannot put off death for a second. Only at this time do we come to realize: High official position and riches can only bring us momentary pleasure and satisfaction. No matter how much we possess them, it is meaningless. This is actually a mirror of the words Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 2:11, “I looked on all the works that my hands had worked, and on the labor that I had labored to do: and, behold, all was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun.” Then, we start to think: Why do we live? What is the significance of life? Is it just for enjoying the pleasures of the flesh—eating, wearing, playing, and making merry? Is it for fame and position, or for supporting the family? Are they really our spiritual needs and the whole value of our life? The Bible records: Job revered God and shunned evil. In trials, he lost all his wealth, all his sons and daughters, and was tortured by the disease. Despite that, he didn’t make any complaints against God but praised God’s holy name. In the end, he stood the testimony and was approved by God, thus living out a worthy and meaningful life. God says, “In actual fact, the real result was not that he became even richer or that he had more cows and sheep than before, or that his sons and daughters were more beautiful than those he had before; these are graces incidentally given to man by God. That which God really allows man to gain is that, through this matter, you gain a better understanding of Him, have a closer relationship with Him and your heart draws closer to God’s heart….” Through experiencing God’s work, we have seen the beautiful and kind countenance of the Creator. And with a flash of insight, we realized: The fame and position, no matter how much we own, is vanity; the fleshly interests, which we previously lived for, is devoid of value. Our life is given by God. But corrupted by Satan, we deviate from the life course predestined by God, and thus our life becomes so miserable, bitter and helpless. Whereas, only if we turn back to the Creator, accept and obey His sovereignty and arrangement for our fates can we live out a real human life! By Li Yiyi

Holy Spirit, true way, salvation

Casting My Care on God, I Felt So Relaxed

When I was 10, my parents sent me to study in Singapore. Under the wonderful arrangement of the Lord, my mother and I accepted the gospel of the Lord Jesus in Singapore. Five years later, many Chinese people of the church left and the church was finally dismissed. So my mother and I went to the local church to have meetings. Gradually, I found that the people of the church were outwardly meek and lowly but intrigued against each other in secret and that they looked down upon the Chinese people so much, not at all like Christians. Later, my mother had the privilege of accepting God’s kingdom gospel and preached it to me. At that time, I verbally accepted it in order not to go to the church anymore. After believing in God, when my mother read to me God’s word, I meekly listened but didn’t carefully ponder the truth in God’s word. I listened to lots of words about God’s almightiness and sovereignty, knowing: All things in the universe are operating under God’s sovereignty and the fate of all mankind is controlled by God’s hand, and we should obey God’s sovereignty and arrangement. But I still believed that my fate was controlled in my hands and that I needed to strive for my beautiful life by myself, not at all knowing God’s sovereignty. Later, through the experience of dealing with the matter of studying abroad in America, I had a little true knowledge of God. After I graduated from high school, through discussion, my parents decided to send me to go to college in America. So, I went back to China to apply for my study visa. After half a year passed, most of the materials were well prepared and I, who was confident, looked forward to attaining my student visa in China. I made an appointment of the visa interview on the Internet and then went to Beijing with all the materials. When arriving at the embassy, I saw that everyone waiting in line looked very nervous and that my mother also kept praying to God, asking God to guide us. But I was unworried, for I thought: My materials are well prepared. My English is good. What’s more, I have a tourist visa. So, it is a piece of cake for me to get the study visa. I am superior to them and absolutely can pass the interview. When it was my turn, I confidently handed my materials to the interviewer and fluently answered her several questions in English. However, she said that there was something wrong with my materials and that she was not so satisfied with my answers. Hearing this, I immediately got flustered. She asked me to complete the materials, but I knew that I was rejected. At that moment, I felt unspeakably sad in my heart: My materials were well prepared and I answered the questions in English fluently. There is no reason for me to be rejected. It must be that the interviewer does not let me pass it intentionally. Later, my mother told me that there was God’s good will in everything and asked me not to lose heart but to pray to God and rely on God. At the time, I didn’t listen to her but was intent on solving this problem by myself. After that, I called an American agency. The agent told me that I could go to America first with my tourist visa and then apply for changing my visa there. After hearing this, I breathed a sigh of relief. But the agent continued, “There might be a great trouble when you enter America, because it has not yet been three months since you left America last time. What’s more, you are just rejected for a study visa. So, you probably will be repatriated by the customs.” The agent’s words made me nervous again and feel a bit depressed. “It seems that I cannot go to America now,” I thought. At the time, my parents comforted me, “It’s OK. We can have a try.” Then I bought the tickets and prepared to go to America with my mother. On the plane, I was very upset. I couldn’t eat and sleep, keeping worrying: What if I cannot enter America? What if I cannot go to college in America? What about my prospect? Thinking of these, I felt very depressed. I was dizzy and completely had no thoughts to do any other things. Arriving at the customs, I felt more fearful and anxious. My mother noticed that and told me, “Don’t be afraid and worried. We pray to God in our heart, entrust this matter to God, and obey God’s arrangement. Whether we can enter is not determined by man, but based on God’s sovereignty and arrangement.” I, who was helpless and fearful, prayed to God with the mentality of trying, “Almighty God, I beg You to guide me. I didn’t come before You and read Your word with true heart before. If I can cross the customs, I will believe in You wholeheartedly and read Your word to worship You every day.” It was our turn after I prayed. To my surprise, the customs just asked me my purpose of coming to America and then let us enter. After we got out of the airport, my mother unceasingly said, “Thank Almighty God!” And I also thanked God in my heart. I knew that it was Almighty God’s guidance and protection that made us enter America successfully. After experiencing this, I tasted God’s wonderful deeds and became willing to believe in God and rely on God in my heart. But I had been instilled into the poisons of Satan like “Man’s fate is controlled by his own hands,” and “Human effort is the decisive factor,” since I was a child, so I still relied on my own ability to do things that happened to me. When the agent told me that I could only apply for changing…

The Creator’s Wonderful Deeds Hidden in the Four Seasons

By Lele Spring arrives with silent footsteps. After a whole year of waiting, cherry blossom trees display their best side; they clothed in their most beautiful flowers and they stand out among all sorts of trees. Not to be outdone, weeping willows also can’t wait to play their trump card—their graceful lines, which are still so well-kept after years of being battered by the wind and rain that even fish vie to hop to shake hands with them. Wild flowers come into bloom, red and purple and yellow; putting on their new coats, they confidently sway in the wind. Grass comes to provide patches: Like a streak it overgrows the land, and sets off the flowers in them. Small animals come to life from their winter sleep. Some poke their little heads out, some stretch lazily, and others lay on the green land, enjoyably bathing in the sunshine. Hares casually eat some grass, and then begin to chase one another. … The wind blows off the cherry flowers. In the blink of an eye, the falling petals flutter in the air, and the delicate fragrance sends their last sweet kiss to people. After several strong winds, summer arrives in a hurry. It quickly enlivens the mountains, lakes, jungles, and fields, bringing vibrancy to them, and then come the lush greenery and pounding waves. It’s really a passionate season. Then follows the hot summer with the burning sun like a fire. The plane-trees on either side of the road stretch their arms generously, providing pedestrians with a shelter against sunshine. Cicadas chant their everlasting songs without stint. Night is always the liveliest: Geckos get out to play about in the cool of the evening; frogs vie to sing their own songs; fireflies hurry to serve as lamps for pedestrians…. In autumn, the bright red persimmons hang on the trees in the courtyard, sweet and pleasant to the eyes. In this fruitful season, pomegranates “laugh” with their “mouths” open as if nobody is near, and they don’t care how many “teeth” are exposed so as to express their characteristics and freedom. In this golden autumn, fallen leaves are naturally the common scenery that will never fade away. Their unique charm arouses people’s attention: Some take a seat there for a while to think about their lives; some take a walk in the wood, enjoying the beauty of the scenery; some select their favorite leaves to make samples…. Winter has waited for long and finally goes on the stage. In this season, wild flowers return to their roots and grass is withered, only the wintersweets blossom and pines and cypresses remain green. Seemingly, the winter is desolate, without the heated excitement in summer. But this kind and amiable “old man” spreads his “savings” and offers a different charm. The cold hand of winter spreads a white carpet throughout the wide world, in a flash, trees, the earth and everywhere are snow-covered. The signs of other seasons are nowhere to be found because they know the carpet is the ever-unchanging symbol and warmth of the “old man.” Outside the cottages are several snowmen in sight. A worn broom and a carrot are always most properly put on them. People can take a break during this season. Animals have preserved their food to pass through this cold winter. Chickens and ducks have matured and cattle and sheep have grown strong. These fowls are ready to become people’s food on the table in every household. After visiting their neighbors and having chats with them, people go back to their own homes. Looking at the plenty of grains in the barns, they sit around the stove talking about their plan for the year ahead. … I have passed through tens of springs, summers, autumns, and winters, I have visited oceans and rivers, and I have walked across the grasslands and mountains; all things are really so marvelous that I couldn’t help wondering: Mysteries are everywhere in the nature, and all of them are so miraculous. However, who created all these things on earth? … Until one day, I read God’s words: “God created all things, each of which lives through different forms and different ways and uses different methods to exhibit its power and form of life. No matter what method, it is all under God’s rule.” “The authority of the Creator not only gives the vitality of life to seemingly static material objects, so that they will never disappear, but, moreover, gives the instinct to reproduce and multiply to every living being, so that they will never vanish, and so that, generation after generation, they will pass on the laws and principles of survival endowed to them by the Creator. The manner in which the Creator exerts His authority does not rigidly adhere to a macro or micro viewpoint, and is not limited to any form; He is able to command the operations of the universe, and hold sovereignty over the life and death of all things, and, moreover, is able to maneuver all things so that they serve Him; He can manage all the workings of the mountains, rivers, and lakes, and rule all things within them, and, what’s more, is able to provide that which is needed by all things. This is the manifestation of the unique authority of the Creator amongst all things besides mankind. Such a manifestation is not just for a lifetime, and shall never cease, or rest, and cannot be altered or damaged by any person or thing, nor can it be added to or reduced by any person or thing—for none can replace the identity of the Creator, and, therefore, the authority of the Creator cannot be replaced by any created being, and is unattainable by any non-created being.” It turns out that God created this world and mankind, and directs the growth patterns of all things, the patterns which are never changed starting from the existence of all things until now. Regardless of spring sowing or winter’s storage, day or night,…

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