Film Review – The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything

By Xiaobei, France

Seeing Who Rules Over All Things From Three Aspects

The musical documentary The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything was released in May of 2018. The traveling of the camera makes people feel like being personally on the scene. It is really much astounding! The shifting in tones and scenes seems very comfortable and beautiful, and the recordings and the sound effects are also very great. All these well highlight the theme—There is a Mighty One among all things who is in command of everything and makes all things perfect and systematic and regular. How wonderful! And the so-called all things are the organisms visible to man and the microorganisms invisible to man.

The documentary uses narration and scenes to show us the truths and mysteries which are intimately connected to the fate of us mankind: Who created and rules over all things in the universe? Who provides for and nourishes man, and has driven man’s history? Who controls the rise and fall of every nation and every people? Why does mankind live? Why does mankind have to die? And what is the value and meaning of life? It’s very marvelous and amazing!

1. Who Commands the Junctures of Life Man Has to Experience

Many parts of the documentary affect people’s heart and make them think. One of the parts, which is about the exploration of the mysteries of life, simply and clearly presents the several junctures of life man has to pass through. A cry implies the birth of a life, and also brings hope for a family. One is born, grows up, forms a family and starts a career, and passes away. A generation departs and the next generation is born; the living repeat the way of life of the dying and continue living in this land. Although people are different in appearance, surroundings, background, education, wealth, insight, status or power, whatever roles they play, their laws and principles of survival can’t be changed; whoever they are and whatever identity and status they have, the necessities of life and the space for growth are all the same, and there’s no distinction of high and low between them.

In the documentary, there is a bridge scene: A young tree and a country lane see off and greet countless people. For several years, several decades, several hundred years, several thousand years, and even tens of thousands of years, passers-by have been changing, and the young tree has grown into a towering one, but the land and the lane remain unchanged. All these seem to show that, no matter whether man believes “Human fate is ordained by Heaven,” it is still a fact. The fast and slow camera shots of the death and birth of generation after generation, from ancient times to now, paint the cycle of human life and death. I couldn’t help but sigh that we humans are really too insignificant, and that under the command of the Creator, we are not able to help ourselves but live, grow up and pass away. The “nature” is thought to provide for and nourish mankind, and to have created the condition for his survival. However, within whose hands is its destiny held? Just as the lyrics in the documentary say: “Why do we live? And why do we have to die? Who is in command of this world? And who created this mankind? Was mankind really created by Mother Nature? Is mankind really in control of its own fate?”

2. Where Do All Things Originate From and Who Controls Them

The wind, frost, snow and rain, the ecological balance among all things, the food chain, and so on, are marvelously and regularly in motion, without the slightest error. This reminds me of a story: In the Kaibab Forest, there was a herd of deer, and also a pack of fierce wolves, which always sought opportunities to eat the deer. The locals were full of pity for the deer, so they often hunted the wolves with their guns. As time went by, fewer and fewer wolves were left in the forest, at which people felt secretly overjoyed. However, several years later, the amount of the deer increased sharply. Consequently, all the green plants, including the saplings and tender branches, were eaten up by the herd of deer. At that time, people came to realize that it was the wolves they hunted that effectively controlled the quantity of the deer and also maintained the normal life of the forest and the deer.

Although human beings are clever and “compassionate,” and they have even invented such high-tech products as airplanes, rockets, and satellites, they can’t even control the ecological balance at all, nor can the high technology change or stabilize it. Human beings deal with the ecological balance by relying on good intentions and imaginations, and this only makes matters worse, destroying the original environment. All things have their rule of survival, and it cannot be altered or controlled by man.

3. Who Rules Over the Fates of Nations, Peoples and Mankind

His deed is everywhere, His power is everywhere, His wisdom is everywhere, and His authority is everywhere.” These lyrics take us into other scenes. From Israel to the United States, it seems as if everything that has happened develops and moves along within a plan and none can escape. And it even goes to such a level of detail—everyone’s fate can’t be decided by man.

With regard to the Israelites leaving Egypt, what is most incredible is the scene of the Red Sea rolling before them and the pursuers being behind them. It appeared that the Israelites, undoubtedly, would die, but just at that moment, there was the miracle of God—Moses stretched out his rod over the Red Sea and then the sea was divided into two parts, so a road appeared. In the summer of 1623, there was a severe drought in Britain’s colonies in North America. The Puritans earnestly prayed to God, and before long rain fell from the heavens. This miracle was greatly praised by the early American immigrants and the Native Americans. In 1746, the French Expeditionary Force attempted to make a naval attack on Britain’s American colonies. The puritans united in fasting and prayer. As a result, the French fleet was battered by a fierce storm before it had even come to shore. It suffered great losses and was forced to flee. As well, the first President of the United States George Washington received God’s protection in many critical moments, lucky to survive. In his letters, he recounted the following experience: “By the all-powerful dispensations of Providence, I have been protected beyond all human probability or expectation; for I had four bullets through my coat, and two horses shot under me, yet escaped unhurt, although death was leveling my companions on every side of me.” It was even more remarkable that, in the battle of Dorchester Heights of March of 1776, the British army fought the Continental army; a fierce battle was about to unfold. However, a blizzard halted the advance of the British army. They were forced to retreat from Boston, and the Continental army won the battle without a fight.

These marvelous events really boggle the mind. But they also make people experience that, the destinies of ethnic groups, nations and individual people can’t be changed or decided by themselves or others and it seems like everything has been arranged well and no one can change it. For example, the rise and fall of Roman Empire, the prosperity of the British Empire, and the rise and mission of the United States of America aren’t to be decided by man.

The documentary also uses narration and edited materials to convey and present to the audience the reason and meaning of the Jews being exiled to abroad, the reason and significance of the rise and fall of Roman Empire and the prosperity of the British Empire, the rise and mission of the United States, and so on. From this people can learn about the history and at the same time, can see the miracles. It is a thought-provoking documentary, descending the true history of mankind.

All things have their own laws and peculiarities. The living things in the sea alone have aroused a lot of curiosity among people and made them have a deep yearning to explore, so how much more are all things marvelous in the world? No one can provide a clear explanation of where they come from and of what sustains their living environments. However, we’re able to feel the existence of a Mighty One. It is He who commands all things, maintains their balance, and makes them systematic and regular. In my opinion, it’s precisely that which is wondrous about all things in the world.

» Full movie: The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything – English Musical Documentary

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