On a Frightening Night God Helped Me Out of Difficulty

It was especially comfortable and agreeable in summer night. After a busy work day, Bai Wei made use of the evening time to preach gospel to her friend. Right when Bai Wei and her friend were enjoying the soft breeze of summer night and talking in high spirit, the weather suddenly changed. A strong wind arose, lightning flashed and the thunder crashed, and then there came a heavy downpour. Seeing that it was already 9:30 p.m., but the rain showed no sign of stopping, Bai Wei decided to borrow her friend’s umbrella and hurried over to her home.

The night was pitch black. Bai Wei walked on the rain-washed street and couldn’t see any pedestrian. The rain whipped her body and made her feel cold, so she subconsciously quickened her pace. Suddenly, a black car drove fast toward her, and the car turned round and stopped behind her. Bai Wei stopped and turned her head to have a look. The headlights were especially harsh in the dark night. Bai Wei thought that the car owner might arrive at home, so she didn’t take it to heart and went on walking by the light. Unexpectedly, she found that the car was also moving slowly behind her. Her heart skipped a beat and fear spontaneously arose. But she then thought: Perhaps the car owner hasn’t yet got home. While thinking, Bai Wei tried to comfort herself, making herself not too frightened, and continued her way in the rain.

At this time, Bai Wei found that the light under her feet became brighter and brighter. She stopped again and turned her head to look. The car that was slowly moving also stopped again. Bai Wei got relieved once more: Good! The car owner has arrived at home. Composing herself, Bai Wei went on walking in strong wind and heavy rain, and her umbrella was almost blown away. She held it tightly and shook down the water on it. Then she slackened her pace.

However, Bai Wei noticed that the headlights behind her started moving slowly again.

“It will be Okay. It’s not far from my home now. It gonna be Okay!” Bai Wei consoled herself. Then she quickened her steps, but she found that the headlights also moved faster. Bai Wei got so tensed up and subconsciously stopped and looked backwards. The car also stopped again and the light shone still on her. At this moment, Bai Wei was certain that the car was following her. “It seems that I can’t escape the bad luck tonight,” Bai Wei thought. She quickened her pace hurriedly, and the car also accelerated and followed her closely. Bai Wei began to get flustered, and her heart beat fast. She couldn’t help pressing on her chest, and tried to conceal the fear in her heart. Suddenly, she remembered what her husband saw when he went fishing the day before yesterday: A corpse of a girl, who only wore panties, floated on the river, with her back upward. It’s said that the girl was forcibly pulled into a car and thrown into the river after being harmed. Her intuition told her: I meet a bad guy tonight! What should I do now? She slowed her pace and felt the phone in her pocket. She wanted to call her husband for help, but she then thought: Even if my husband answers the phone, it will take some while for him to get here. Or maybe, if the guy in the car sees me make a phone call, it will hasten the pace of doing evil. But if I don’t call, the lane will be over there, about several houses. It’s even darker there, and all the doors along the lane are closed. Besides, the roadside is rank with grass that is about the height of a man. Isn’t that a best place for the bad guy to do evil things? Bai Wei was especially anxious. The rain dropped rapidly, the night was pitch-black, no pedestrian could be seen, and there was grass-grown dark lane in front of her and black car following closely behind her. Fear and helplessness crept upon her, and her feet also became heavy traitorously. At the moment of emergency, Bai Wei thought of God and remembered that God says, “The greatest wisdom is to look to God and rely on God in all things.” She then desperately cried out to God, “O God! I meet a bad guy tonight. I’m cornered now. O God! You are mighty and hold sovereignty over all things. I’m willing to commit my life into Your hand and submit to Your manipulation and arrangement! May You keep and quiet my heart!” Then, one phrase of God’s word came into her mind, “Any and all things, living or dead, will shift, change, renew, and disappear according to God’s thoughts. This is how God rules over all things” (“God Is the Source of Man’s Life”). God’s words gave Bai Wei faith and power. She immediately felt that an invisible strength was supporting her. She quickened up her pace while praying to God.

When it was no more than ten meters away from the dark lane that was rank with grass, the door of the last house was suddenly opened and an old man came out. He took a flashlight and shone the drain and then shone a light on Bai Wei. Bai Wei hurriedly ran to him as if seeing a rescuer. She pretended to tidy her shoes beside him. At the moment, Bai Wei was relieved. She knew that God listened to her prayer and arranged for the old man to help her and rescue her from the siege. It was God who protected her behind the scenes. Then Bai Wei no longer feared but had unprecedented faith and courage. Shone by the light, Bai Wei smoothed down her hair with her hand, gazing calmly at the black car. The black car stopped not far away and showed no sign of leaving. Thank God! The old man behind her also stood still, having no intention to leave. The seconds ticked by, Bai Wei didn’t know when the car would drive away and when the old man would turn to leave. At this time, she earnestly cried out to God again. Eventually, the car drove away fast after stopping in the rain for five or six minutes and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Then, Bai Wei rushed toward her home like a lamb that just escaped from the tiger’s mouth.

Returning home, Bai Wei sat on the bed, still shaking with fear. She recalled the scenes just now and truly felt: God is by my side, watching and caring for me. When I was in danger, God listened to my prayer, so that I could come out safely from danger. In this stormy night, there was no pedestrian on the street and all the doors along the way were closed. At the critical moment, I just never thought that God would arrange for an old man to come out and stand in the wet evening to accompany me for five or six minutes. I saw that God is ruling over and arranging everything. All things, living or dead, are all in God’s manipulation and shift according to God’s thoughts. I also felt God’s care and great love for me. That I can escape from the devil’s hand is all God’s salvation for me. Through this experience, Bai Wei truly understood that only God was her true reliance. At the critical moment, only God could protect her from being devoured by Satan and only God could save her from being afflicted by the evil person. At this moment, Bai Wei felt unspeakable gratitude to God in her heart.

After experiencing this frightening night, Bai Wei thought: In this society where money is exalted above everything, material desires overflow, and human morality increasingly becomes depraved and decadent, there are so many cases of murder, throwing corpses, and rape, and the crime rate and death rate rise drastically. Everyone feels insecure, always fearing that such calamities will befall them. But now, God has already told us, “You should know that it is the last days now. The devil Satan, like a roaring lion, walks about, searching for people to devour. All manner of plagues are now breaking out and there are many different kinds of evil spirits. Only I am the true God; only I am your refuge. You can only now hide in My secret place, only within Me, and the disasters will not befall you and no calamity will come near to your tent” (“The Twenty-eighth Utterance”). God’s words pointed out a bright path for Bai Wei, so that she had the true refuge. In this evil age, Satan has corrupted men into demons. In order to satisfy their own desires, the criminals are devoid of conscience and capable of doing any terrible things. It is impossible to defend against! It can be said that we are in imminent danger living in this society. In face of such a miserable scene, only when we come before God, and rely on and look up to God with our true heart can we have the true reliance. This is because God will maneuver people, matters, and things to help us out of the affliction of Satan, and even more give us the ability to discern good and evil, so that we won’t be devoured by Satan and will receive God’s care and protection. At this thought, Bai Wei’s will of believing in and following God was firmer. She raised her head and pushed back the hair from her forehead, her eyes sparkling with resolution.

By Xiaobian, China

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