God’s Prophecies Concerning the End Time

“In the world, earthquakes will be the beginning of the tribulation. I will let the world, that is, the earth, change first, and then there will be plagues and famines. This is My plan and My step. I will direct everything to work for Me for the fulfillment of My management plan. Thus, the whole world will perish without My destroying it. When I was crucified in My first incarnation, the earth quaked greatly. It will be the same at the end. From the instant I enter into the spiritual realm from the flesh, earthquakes will begin to occur. Therefore, the firstborn sons will not suffer from the tribulation, and those other than the firstborn sons will be left in the tribulation to be refined. So, with men, every one of them wants to be a firstborn son.”

from “The One Hundred and Eighth Utterance” of the First Part

“All disasters befall one after another, and disasters arise in every nation and every place. Plagues, famines, floods, droughts, and earthquakes can be seen everywhere. They are not in one or two places, nor will they be over in one or two days, but they will spread over more and more regions. Moreover, the disasters will be greater and greater. During this period, various kinds of insect plagues will break out one after another, and cannibalism will occur in various places. All these are My judgment upon all nations and all peoples. My sons! You will surely undergo no suffering or affliction from them. I wish that you would grow up soon so as to take up the burden on My shoulder earlier. Why do you not understand My heart’s desire? The work will be heavier and heavier in future. Could you bear to see that I alone work busily? Let Me put it more clearly: Whoever grows up in life will enter the refuge and be free from sufferings and disasters; whoever cannot grow up in life is bound to suffer afflictions. Haven’t I spoken about it clearly enough?”

from “The Sixty-fifth Utterance” of the First Part

“In every nation and every place in the world, earthquakes, famines, plagues, and other disasters are frequent. When I work greatly in every nation and every place, these disasters will arise more seriously than ever since the creation of the world. This is the beginning of My judgment upon all peoples. But rest assured, My sons, that none of the disasters will befall you. I will keep you. (This means that in the future you will live in the body, not in the flesh, so you will not suffer from the various kinds of disasters.) You will just reign with Me, judging all nations and all peoples, and will forever enjoy the good blessings with Me in the universe and at the ends of the earth. All these words will be fulfilled, and they will be accomplished close at hand. I will not delay, and I do things very quickly. Do not be anxious or worried. The blessings I give to you no one can take away. This is My administrative decree. All people will be obedient to Me because of My deeds. Not only will they shout for joy unceasingly, but they will leap ceaselessly.”

from “The Ninety-second Utterance” of the First Part

“From today, the international situation will become more tense, and every nation will begin to collapse from inside. This means that in China there will be no more peaceful days from now on. In other words, workers will rise to strike, students will boycott classes, and businessmen will cease trade; factories will all close down and cannot survive; the cadres begin to get money for their escape (this serves My management plan); even more, the leaders at all levels in the Central Committee can attend to one thing but lose sight of another, and they are all making preparations (which serves the next step of work). See clearly! This matter concerns the entire universe, not only China, for My work is directed at the whole world. Yet all these are a service for perfecting a body of firstborn sons to reign. Have you seen this clearly? Just pursue hard! I will surely give you your due and let you enjoy to your hearts’ content.”

from “The Seventy-seventh Utterance” of the First Part

“When Sinim is realized on earth, that is, when the kingdom is realized, on earth there will be no more wars, and from then on there will be no more famines, plagues, or earthquakes; men will no longer make weapons; instead, they will all live in a peaceful environment; they will have normal contact with each other, and nations will have normal contact with each other. But the present situation cannot compare with that. The world is in great chaos, and gradually inside every nation coups begin to be launched. As God utters His voice, people gradually change, and every nation gradually collapses inside. The solid foundation of Babylon begins to shake, which is like a castle in the air. With the changing of God’s will, unknowingly the world will undergo tremendous changes. All kinds of signs will become manifest at any moment, causing people to see that the end of the world has come!”

from “The Interpretation of the Twenty-second and Twenty-third Utterances” of the Second Part

“Now, the entire universe is in the pitch-dark night. Men are all numb and obtuse, while the hands of the clock are moving forward steadily without stopping for a second, and the earth, the sun, and the moon are turning faster. To men’s feeling, the day will not be far, and it seems that their last day is just at hand. They are all preparing everything for their ‘time to die’ without cease, so that they can use it at their ‘death.’ Otherwise, their whole life will have been spent in vain. Won’t it be a regret? For God to destroy the world, He begins by changing the internal affairs of all the nations, which will cause coups, and thus people of the entire universe will be roused to work for Him. The country where the great red dragon dwells serves as an example. Because it has disintegrated within and its internal affairs have been in chaos, the great red dragon is doing the work of self-defense, preparing to flee to the ‘moon.’ But how could they escape from the hand of God? As God says, ‘They will have to drink the bitter cup they themselves create.’ When the internal disorder takes place, it will be the time when God leaves the earth. God will not ‘stay’ in the country of the great red dragon any longer. He will then end His work on the earth.”

from “The Interpretation of the Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth Utterances” of the Second Part

“When God chastises people of the entire universe, that is, when various kinds of disasters befall, the sun and the moon will have a change due to the ‘disasters.’ When the disasters are over, the sun and the moon will be changed. This is the ‘transition.’ It can be seen that the disasters in the future will be quite great. Maybe there will appear the reversal of day and night, maybe the sun cannot be seen all the year round, maybe a scorching sun will shine several months, maybe a crescent moon will ‘face’ all mankind all the time, or maybe there will emerge an unusual phenomenon that the sun and the moon appear at the same time, and so on. After several periodical changes, eventually they will be renewed with the days flowing away. God pays special attention to the arrangement of those who are of the devil. Thus God purposely says this, ‘Among people in the entire universe, all who are of the devil will be destroyed.’”

from “The Interpretation of the Twenty-sixth Utterance” of the Second Part

“God has been expecting to be together with all His people and end the old age. People in the entire universe all begin to waver, that is, they all enter into God’s guidance. Thus, all people begin to have the intention to revolt against the kings. Soon, people of the world will be in chaos, and heads of all nations will flee from place to place. In the end, all of them will be thrust onto the guillotine by their people, which will be the final outcome of the kings of devils. Finally, none of them can escape and all will have to go through it. Today, ‘wise’ men begin to abdicate because they have seen the bad situation and want to take the opportunity to quit, so that they can escape the suffering from the disasters. But to tell the truth, the work God does in the end time is mainly to chastise men; can these men escape? Now is the initial step. One day, the entire universe will be full of fighting and confusion, people on earth will have no leaders, the whole earth will fall into a mess with no one ruling it and people will all care about their own lives, paying no attention to anyone else. Because everything is in God’s hand, God says that ‘People are ‘dividing’ all nations according to My will.’ The word God says now, ‘The angels are trumpeting,’ is a foretaste and is to sound the alarm for men. When the trumpets are sounded again, the last day of the world will come. At that time, all God’s punishments will pour down upon the earth completely. That will be the merciless judgment and the formal start of the times of punishment. Among the Israelites, there will be God’s utterance every now and then to guide them to tide over all kinds of circumstances, and angels will appear to them. They can be made complete in a few months, because they do not have to experience the step of casting off the poison of the great red dragon; so under various kinds of guidance, they will enter the right track easily. From the movements of Israel the situation of the entire universe can be seen. It shows how rapid the pace of God’s work is. ‘The time has come! I will carry out My work, and I will reign and rule among people!’ In the past, God only ‘reigned’ in ‘heaven’; now He reigns on earth. God takes back all authority, which therefore indicates that mankind will no longer live a normal human life, for God will reorganize the heaven and the earth, not allowing men to interfere. Therefore, God often reminds men that ‘the time has come.’ When all the people of Israel return to their homeland, that is, when Israel is completely restored, God’s work will be accomplished. Imperceptibly, all people in the entire universe will rebel, and all nations in the entire universe will fall like the stars in the sky and come to ruin in an instant. After disposing of them, God will build His beloved kingdom.”

from “The Interpretation of the Twenty-seventh Utterance” of the Second Part

“My great disasters and calamities will pour down from My hand upon the whole world at the same time. Blessed are those who receive My name; they will surely not suffer from these. Do you remember? Are you clear what I am saying? When I am speaking, it’s the time I begin to act (the great disasters and calamities have poured down, just at this time). You do not truly understand My will. Why I am so strict with you and not loose with you in the slightest, do you see clearly? When the international situation is tense and when the rulers and authorities (so-called) in China are making all their preparations, that is, when a time bomb is about to explode, the seekers for the true way from the seven countries will, like water through a just-opened floodgate, surge into China desperately, regardless of anything. Some of them are chosen by Me, and some do service for Me. Yet among them there are no firstborn sons. This is My deed! It is what I have done at the creation of the world. Drop your human notions; don’t think I am speaking nonsense! What I think is what I have done, and My plan is what I have accomplished. Are you clear?”

from “The Seventy-eighth Utterance” of the First Part

“As the voice of the seven thunders comes forth, it saves those who love Me and truly want Me. All those who belong to Me and who are predestined and chosen by Me will come under My name and will hear My voice. This is God’s calling. Let all the ends of the earth see that I am righteous, I am faithful, I am love, I am mercy, I am majesty, I am a consuming fire, and in the end I am merciless judgment.


Let all peoples know, and let every family and every person in the universe and at the ends of the earth know. Almighty God is the only true God, whom all will kneel down and worship, and even a child barely able to speak will call ‘Almighty God’! Those rulers and authorities will also see with their own eyes the true God appearing before them. And they will also fall down and worship, begging for mercy and forgiveness. Yet it will be too late. As the time of their death comes, I will have to fulfill it for them, judging them into the bottomless abyss. I will end the entire age and will make My kingdom stronger. All nations and all peoples will surrender before Me, for ever and ever!”

from “The Thirty-fifth Utterance” of the First Part

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