I Obtained Unusual Gains From a Misadventure (II)

I Bore Witness to God’s Sovereignty to My Son and He Returned to God

After they left my son told me: “Mom, I can hardly bear the pain.” Seeing him so painful, I said pityingly: “Xiaoqiang, why don’t you call out to God when suffering such a great misfortune? Didn’t you read God’s words before? Only God can save you!” After a while, I heard my son calling out: “O God! Save me!” At this moment, I felt indescribably excited in my heart, thinking: If he can receive the salvation of God through this accident, it will really count as a blessing in disguise. After a few more seconds, my son said to me sadly: “Mom, with my injured legs and waist, I am afraid that I will be unable to do any heavy work in the future. If I can’t make money, then how will our family live?” Hearing what he said, I found two passages of God’s words for him: “The fate of man is controlled by the hands of God. You are incapable of controlling yourself: Despite always rushing and busying about for himself, man remains incapable of controlling himself. If you could know your own prospects, if you could control your own fate, would you still be a creature?” “Although living among all things, people derive enjoyment from the many ways in which the world satisfies their material needs, though they see this material world constantly advancing, their own experience—what their hearts and their spirits feel and experience—has nothing to do with material things, and nothing material is a substitute for it. It is a recognition deep in one’s heart, something that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This recognition lies in one’s understanding of, and one’s feeling of, human life and human fate. And it often leads one to the apprehension that an unseen Master is arranging all things, orchestrating everything for man. In the midst of all this, one cannot but accept fate’s arrangements and orchestrations; at the same time, one cannot but accept the path ahead that the Creator has laid out, the Creator’s sovereignty over one’s fate. This is an undisputed fact.” After he finished reading God’s words, I said: “Xiaoqiang, you see, what God says here is so clear. We all want to have a good fate and want to rely on our own efforts to make money and then live a life where we can be above others. However, whether we are rich or poor and what our fate will be are not decided by ourselves. It is God who rules and orchestrates everything. Nobody can change God’s predeterminations and sovereignty over our fates. To what degree you will recover from the injuries is in God’s hands. Don’t burden yourself. No matter whether we are rich or poor, we ought to believe in God properly, entrust all this to Him, and accept His sovereignty. When we live this way, we’ll feel steadfast and peaceful.” At my words, my son said: “Mom, in the past, you asked me to believe in God and read His words, but I always felt that one must make more money in life so that he could live a better life. Thus, I was unwilling to believe in God or read His words. However, regardless of how hard I have tried to make money over these years, I still cannot realize my dream. Now such an accident has happened to me, this really makes me see more clearly that we men indeed cannot control our own fate!”

As soon as my son finished these words, the boss’s wife pushed the door open, saying: “We have paid 15,000 for the surgical treatment, and the operation will be carried out the day after tomorrow. Keep all the receipts, and then submit them as evidence of the cost after he is discharged from hospital, so you can be reimbursed for the expenses.” At this moment, I could not but constantly thank God in my heart for His great power. Then the boss’s wife went find the attending physician in a hurry. I said to my son: “You see. Everyone says that your boss is such a stingy and impossible person that it is extremely difficult to make him take money out of his pocket. Now he is willing to pay the expenses, this is all God’s sovereignty and arrangement. God will have mercy on us and care for us as long as we truly believe in Him, listen to Him and obey Him. If we just rely on ourselves to struggle furiously, we cannot accomplish anything.” At this time, suddenly my son said with excitement: “Mom, how almighty God is! I prayed to Him just a moment ago, and now I have less pain than before. It seems that God does not abandon me.” Seeing he was so happy, I nodded constantly with tears of excitement.

At this time, my daughter-in-law and her two uncles came back from lunch. The instant they saw me, they asked impatiently: “When will the boss and his wife come? If they don’t, how should we do?” When I heard this, I showed them the receipts and they all stared at one another in surprise. My daughter-in-law, quite embarrassed, said: “It’s so strange that he should do this thing with conscience!” Her two uncles were convinced as well, and said to me: “We will listen to you in this matter and not quarrel any more. How great it is to solve problems through negotiation just like you did!” I told them: “Thank God! This was all His arrangement. All the glory be to God!” Then the boss’s wife came back and after discussion, we decided that one of us would stay to look after Xiaoqiang and the others go back home first. My daughter-in-law wanted to stay behind, so the rest of us all went home.

Once More, I Acted According to God’s Words and Believed in God’s Dominion.

On our way home in the car, one of my daughter-in-law’s uncle said: “It was indeed out of my expectation that today the boss was willing to pay for the treatment. However, as the sayings go, ‘A man’s heart is indiscernible behind his chest,’ and ‘One must be vigilant so as not to be harmed.’ What if Xiaoqiang had any lingering effects from the injury and the boss refused to pay the damages?” The other continued: “Right! This afternoon, Xiaoqiang’s attending doctor said he could not guarantee Xiaoqiang could fully recovered without any negative consequences after the surgery. We’d better negotiate with the boss about it to reach a settlement, otherwise things will become complicated in the future.” Hearing what they said, I realized I shouldn’t follow them to settle accounts with the boss. So I prayed to God in my heart: “O God, I have seen that You are always by my side, guiding and leading me. I am willing to look upon and rely on You again. May You give me faith and strength so that I can bear witness for You.” After praying, I recalled the following words of God I read the night before, “God’s authority exists regardless of the circumstances; in all situations, God dictates and arranges every human fate and all things in accordance with His thoughts, His wishes. This will not change because humans change, and it is independent of man’s will, cannot be altered by any changes in time, space, and geography, for God’s authority is His very substance.” Pondering God’s words, then looking back at what I had undergone in this matter, I indeed had experienced that all this was dictated and planned by God, and that His sovereignty does not change in accordance with our human ideas. Therefore, I said to them: “Whether or not Xiaoqiang will have any lingering effects from his injury is in God’s hands, and is beyond our expectation. As for whether the boss will give us money and how much he will give us, these are also ruled over by God, and cannot be decided by any person. You also have already seen this fact with your own eyes today. I think we’d better rely on God more, obey His arrangements, and let Him rule over us. This is the wisest choice. God is righteous and He won’t mistreat anyone. We have no choice but to rely on and obey Him.” After hearing my words, one of them said with smile: “OK, OK! Up to you!” The other also said: “Right! Everything is ordained by Heaven. We just let nature take its course.” I felt grateful to God. It was His guidance that allowed me to find the path of practice once again and thus feel liberated and free in spirit.

The Operation on My Son Was Successful, and We Appreciate God’s Salvation

My son made a quick recovery from the injuries after surgery. Around ten days later, he was able to sit up to have meals. The doctor said my son was all right and could go home to convalesce. When my son left the hospital, the doctor told him to stay in bed for half a year, and that only after another half year could he walk without crutches. After returning home, my son often read God’s words. Unexpectedly, under God’s protection, he was able to get out of bed in less than two months and walk without the aid of crutches after seven months. Besides, during this time, the boss had paid us the damages. Recalling that the boss, as everyone knows, is a poor and evil person, and thinking back to the scene when he shuffled off his responsibility and tried his utmost to make excuses in the hospital, my family and relatives all could barely believe that he could pay medical fees and damages so readily. Moreover, there was not any sequelae left on my son, this was what we had never dreamed of. All this is God’s almightiness. From this I really and actually saw God’s authority rules over everything, that everyone is controlled and orchestrated within God’s hands, and that if we rely on God there is nothing cannot be done!

One year later, my son went to the hospital to have a general check-up, and was told that he recovered well from the injuries and his legs and lower back were back to normal. The specialist said it was indeed a marvel that my son made a full recovery from such serious injuries within a year’s time. Hearing these words, I felt unspeakable joy. I knew all this was God’s salvation and wondrous deeds, and thus continuously gave thanks to Him in my heart.

Through experiencing this matter, I saw God’s profound love for my family, knew more about the fact that God commands and dominates all things, and furthermore, had more practical experience and learning in regards to the authority and power of God’s words. All things impossible for us humans are possible for God. He is indeed worthy of our dependence and trust. From now on, I am willing to look upon and rely on God more.

By Jingwei, Henan Province

The End

Part One: I Obtained Unusual Gains From a Misadventure (I)

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