Following the True God, I Overcome Satan’s Temptations

By Ganquan, Canada

In our road of believing in God, we will come across various kinds of Satan’s disturbances and temptations. When facing Satan’s temptations, although I once conjectured about God and suspected God, and I was even weak and negative, I have gained a lot and my confidence in God has also increased after my experience. With God to lean on, I no longer fear Satan’s temptations.

Because of my sick family, I believed in the Lord Jesus. At the beginning, I thought it was fresh and that the sermons were quite novel, so I went to church with my friends every Sunday. Yet, afterward I felt the pastor couldn’t say something fresh and bright and I gained nothing from the sermons and some believers even snored in the church. Then gradually I went to church less and less.

Following the True God, I Overcome Satan’s Temptations

At the end of December of 2017, I knew Sister Maggie by chance. Several days later, she and Sister Lingling came to meet with me. Hearing their fellowship, I thought they said in great detail and with great light. Thus I was willing to listen to their fellowship and felt they understood very well. Afterward, the two sisters gave me testimony that the Lord Jesus has returned and expressed words to do a stage of the work of judgment and purification. It was exactly fulfilling the prophecies in the Bible: “Judgment must begin at the house of God.” When I heard the Lord has returned, I was shocked first, and then I said excitedly: “The Lord has returned? Great! It is my blessing that I can welcome the return of the Lord!” I felt extremely happy and excited.

After the sisters left, I had a dream that night: There was a long ladder to heaven. I wanted to go up it, but on the ladder, there was another man and he pressed down on me with his hands. He forbad me going up, even pushed me over and exerted all his strength to twist my neck. As a result, I was awakened up in terror. After waking, I felt weird as well as frightened: Why did I have such a nightmare? I have never had such dreams. Is it because I was too tired in the day or because I thought too much? Then I comforted myself: Maybe it is just a matter of occasional occurrence. So I didn’t think of much else. The next day, the sisters came to have meetings with me. I told them my nightmare as a joke. Strangely, I had a nightmare again that night. After waking, I felt quite bewildered: Why did I have a nightmare every time after they came to me? What’s going on? I was annoyed about this in my heart, but I dared not tell the sisters about this.

After a few days, it was Christmas Eve. As I went to the church for dinner, the neighbors living downstairs told me they wanted to spread the gospel to my husband. After going home, I told that to my husband. But he wanted to have a good sleep because he was exhausted after work and he had had some drink. Then I told my neighbors the situation and then I asked them: “Do you know the Lord Jesus has returned?” They hated listening to me as soon as they heard the Lord has returned. I continued speaking: “God has returned in the flesh. His name is Almighty God now. He expresses His words to do His work of judgment and purification.” The neighbors interrupted me before I finished my words, by saying: “Don’t listen to their words. This is Eastern Lightning. God has returned in the flesh? You mustn’t believe. The pastor and elder often tell us not to have anything to do with the people from Eastern Lightning.” Then they said a lot of things that blasphemed Almighty God and asked me not to have contact with the sisters from Eastern Lightning. After hearing what they said, I was suspicious about God’s new work and thought: The neighbors have been Christians for more than ten years. Why do they not know the Lord has returned? If it is indeed God’s work, why did I have a nightmare? At that moment, I was puzzled, and I was very afraid of getting my faith wrong.

After that, when Sister Lingling gave me a call or sent me a message, I ignored her and refused her time and time again. However, I felt extremely sad. I thought back to the scene that I was together with the two sisters. They had a sincere smile on their faces and didn’t look like bad people. I didn’t think they had any evil intentions. But why did I have a nightmare every time after they came to me? And on top of that, the neighbors disturbed me, so I was in a quandary and had to pray to the Lord to lead me.

I refused the sisters over and over again, but they still persevered in sending videos and God’s words in the group that we had created together on WhatsApp. I thought: If you send them, I’ll see them. And I’ll understand more in secret. But as regards the messages the sisters sent to me, I pretended I hadn’t seen them and didn’t answer them. Things went on this way for more than one month. I didn’t know why I missed them so much. I missed the days of having meetings with them; I missed their patient fellowships with me for helping me understand God’s work. During that period, I always felt empty and uneasy.

One day after one month, they sent videos and God’s words once more in WhatsApp group and sent me a message to ask how I was doing. I felt the sisters’ sincerity toward me, so I couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed. I missed them very much and really wanted to listen to their fellowship, so I sent back a message. Sister Lingling immediately gave me a call and I answered without any hesitation as if I was waiting for it. She said: “Sister, I feel you’re in a good mood today. Can we have a chat?” I answered: “Of course.” Then I told her the reason why I didn’t get in touch with them and my thought. She fellowshiped with me about my perplexity on the phone and then sent me a passage of God’s words: “God works, God cares for a person, looks upon a person, and Satan dogs His every step. Whoever God favors, Satan also watches, trailing along behind. If God wants this person, Satan would do everything in its power to obstruct God, using various evil ways to tempt, harass and wreck the work God does in order to achieve its hidden objective. What is its objective? It does not want God to have anyone; it wants all those that God wants, to possess them, control them, to take charge of them so they worship it, so they commit evil acts alongside it. Is this not Satan’s sinister motive? … Satan is at war with God, trailing along behind Him. Its objective is to demolish all the work God wants to do, to possess and control those whom God wants, to completely extinguish those whom God wants. If they are not extinguished, then they come to Satan’s possession to be used by it—this is its objective.


Lingling continued fellowshiping: “Sister, that you had a nightmare is Satan’s disturbance. Satan is hostile to God. It hates God, hates the truth and hates people following God to walk the path of seeking the truth. In order to prevent people from coming before God, Satan disturbs people by various methods, such as using people to spread all kinds of conceptions and rumors, letting people become sick, making their families disharmonious, making people have nightmares, and so on. All these are Satan’s tricks. What it does is for making people suspect God, deny God, shun God and then lose the opportunity to be saved by God. This is Satan’s sinister motive. If you shun God for these reasons, you have just fallen for Satan’s scheme.”

After hearing the fellowship of Sister Lingling, I suddenly understood: That I had a nightmare twice is Satan’s disturbance. Satan did this in order to make me suspect God and shun God. Satan is so hateful! Sister Lingling also fellowshiped: “No matter how savage Satan is, it is always in God’s hands. Without God’s permission, it dare not hurt us. So don’t fear. When coming across these matters, we should come before God more to pray and have faith in God’s almightiness and domination. When we’re resolute to stand on God’s side, Satan will retreat in humiliation.” After hearing her fellowship, I gained some discernment of Satan’s scheme. And I was willing to come before God and read His words; I was willing to return to the meetings with the sisters.

I felt very happy when I saw the sisters again. Toward the questions by which I was puzzled, they patiently communicated with me, without giving me the cold shoulder in the least. When I was together with them, I felt they had a good heart and were honest to others. I didn’t believe they were like what my neighbors said they were or like what I had seen on the Internet. I thought that the reason why my neighbors said those things was because they had never investigated God’s work or come into contact with the brothers and sisters of Eastern Lightning by themselves. They selectively listened and believed. Then I asked a sister: “My neighbors have believed in the Lord for more than ten years. But regarding the big matter of God having returned, why do they resist and condemn God instead of seeking and investigating?” Then she fellowshiped: “On the surface they believe in the Lord, but actually they obey and submit to their pastor and elder. The pastor forbids them from contacting others and investigating, and then they do like that. Not only do they blindly listen to the rumors and lies of the pastor and elder, but also they follow them to resist and condemn God’s work. Just like the Israelites of the past who followed the Pharisees, when the Lord Jesus came to do His work, they didn’t seek and investigate His work but blindly adored and followed the chief priests, scribes and Pharisees. They followed them to resist and condemn the Lord Jesus’ work and words. Finally they even collaborated with the Roman authorities in crucifying the Lord, and thus they suffered the curse of God and lost the chance of gaining salvation. No matter how long people believe in God, if they have no truth, no knowledge of God and no humble heart to seek the truth, they won’t know the Lord even though He has come. Such people are the foolish virgins mentioned in the Bible. Therefore, we should distinguish their words rather than blindly listen to their words. If we realistically investigate and distinguish whether these words are the truth or not and whether they are God’s utterances or not, we’ll be clear in our heart.” I nodded approvingly.

Then the sister read a passage of God’s words for me: “You must be awake and waiting at every moment, and you must come before Me more. You must recognize the various plots and cunning schemes of Satan, know the spirit, know people and be able to discern all kinds of people, matters and things; you must eat and drink more of My words and, more importantly, you must be able to eat and drink them by yourselves. Equip yourselves with all the truth, come before Me so that I may open your spiritual eyes and allow you to see all the mysteries that lie within the spirit….” She fellowshiped: “God exhorts us to learn to distinguish various people, matters and things, and also learn to see through Satan’s tricks. From the outside, it is your neighbors who said these words to you and you are weak and negative after you heard that, but in fact, this is a spiritual battle. It is Satan that used your neighbors’ words to disturb and prevent you, so we should pray to God more and seek the truth when we encounter matters. Then God will help and guide us.” After hearing her fellowship, I had a little knowledge and discernment of spiritual battles. From then on, I no longer had a nightmare, and felt steadiness in my heart.

church life

After that, every time at a gathering with the sisters, we sang hymns, watched videos, read God’s words and shared respective knowledge and experience of God’s words. Such church life was truly released and free. Every time I attended a gathering I gained new enlightenment and had deeper knowledge of God’s work. This was completely different from the situation in the church. It was my blessing that I was lucky to follow God’s new work. Unexpectedly, Satan’s disturbance came upon me again.

After one month, my cervical vertebrae ached more badly and I was aching all over. Once I suffered, I was upset and was unwilling to read God’s words and pray. Thus, I felt weakness in my heart and thought: Why did this illness come upon me? Doesn’t God protect me? After the sisters knew my circumstances, they sent me a passage of God’s words: “The work of the Holy Spirit is proactive progress, while the work of Satan is regression and passivity, disobedience toward God, opposition to God, loss of faith in God, and unwillingness to even sing songs or get up and dance. That which comes from the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit is not forced upon you, but is especially natural. If you follow it, you will have the truth, and if you don’t, then afterward there will be reproach. If it is the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, then nothing you do will be interfered with or constrained, you will be set free, there will be a path to practice in your actions, and you will not be subject to any restraints, and be able to act upon the will of God. The work of Satan brings many things that cause interference to you, it makes you unwilling to pray, too lazy to eat and drink the words of God, and undisposed to live the life of the church, and it estranges you from the spiritual life.” They also sent me a passage of man’s sermons and fellowship: “With some people, as soon as they believe, someone in their family falls ill; with others, when they believe, unbelievers rise up to persecute them and oppress them; with yet others, as soon as they believe, their family suffers a serious problem. ‘What is this? The true God comes, but as soon as I believe something bad happens, bad luck, a disaster? Is this really the true God?’ Some people doubt, and don’t pray. Think about it, you believe in the true God, won’t the devils and Satan hate this? Will they just let it go? They will want to snatch you! They will create this or that sort of situation to create difficulties for you, to make you back off and leave Almighty God. … Because demons and Satan prowl everywhere seeking victims to devour, if you believe in Jesus they don’t respond to you, but if you believe in Almighty God this is critical in the spiritual world. This is an ideological war between the truth and falsehood! So when you face a trial do not doubt God; stand by your testimony. Everything is in the hands of God; all you have to do is stand by your faith.”

After reading God’s words and the Sermons and Fellowship, I understood it turned out that Satan was unwilling to fail when it saw me follow the work of the true God, so it used illness to disturb me again. Satan just wanted to bother me with illness so that I would blame God and shun God. That I was negative and unwilling to read God’s words absolutely resulted from the work of Satan. At the same time, God permitted Satan’s temptations to come upon me in order to test my faith in Him and see whether I blamed Him because of illness or not. This was a spiritual battle. I remembered Job didn’t blame God in the midst of many trials. He didn’t complain to God because of illness, but instead, he still maintained his purity and followed God’s way: fearing God and shunning evil. And he stood firm in his testimony, so in the end Satan retreated shamefully and didn’t dare to disturb and test him. With this in mind, I made a resolution to stand witness for God and shame Satan. So I prayed to God: “Oh God, now I know what happens to me is Satan’s temptation, and is also Your trial. I hope that You would give me confidence and strength. I’m willing to stand witness for You to shame Satan. No matter how Satan disturbs, no matter how my illness is, I’m still willing to follow and worship You.” After praying, I felt light and comfortable throughout my body. My cervical vertebrae seemed to not ache so much like before. So I had more confidence to experience God’s work.

Thank God! I know I will possibly come across Satan’s disturbances and temptations in my road of believing in God. However, because God is my support, I no longer fear Satan’s temptations and disturbances. I’m willing to rely on God to triumph over Satan and worship God with a sincere heart. Also, I make my resolution to follow God to the very end. All the glory and praise be to the unique God Himself!

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