Gospel for Today – Reflection on Matthew 16:23

Gospel for Today, Matthew 16:23

Today’s Gospel

But He turned, and said to Peter, Get you behind Me, Satan: you are an offense to Me: for you mind not the things that be of God, but those that be of men. – Matthew 16:23


Peter relied on his own will and good intention to dissuade the Lord Jesus from going to the cross. We can see God’s righteous and holy disposition from the Lord Jesus’ words to Peter. We humans have life philosophies, so we always spare others’ feelings or give ourselves some leeway in our words and actions. If we are faced with the similar case, we may say, “There is no need to quibble over every detail since you do this out of good intention.” or “You do this in order to protect me, but do not say that next time.” However, God has neither human will nor man’s moderation nor ambiguous words. God is principled in His actions: He is straight and to the point. This is the manifestation of God’s disposition.

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