Gospel for Today – Reflection on Matthew 18:16

two or three witnesses

Today’s Gospel

But if he will not hear you, then take with you one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. – Matthew 18:16


We should help him with a loving heart if one commits sins. But if he doesn’t listen to us, what should we do? Maybe I would not help him again but define that he doesn’t accept the truth and ditch him. From this verse, we can understand God’s requirements of man. If someone doesn’t accept our help, we may take other brothers and sisters to help him again and again. Also, I have known God’s merciful and compassionate disposition. His love for mankind is vast and He gives people many chances. He doesn’t treat people based on their transgressions but only looks at whether they will someday be able to change. As long as there is a thread of hope for man, God will do all He can to save everyone.

Share a paragraph of God’s words: “I do not want to see anyone feeling as though God has left them out in the cold, that God has abandoned them or turned His back on them. I would only like to see everyone on the road to seeking the truth and seeking to understand God, boldly marching onward with unfaltering will, with no misgivings, carrying no burdens. No matter what wrongs you have committed, no matter how far you have gone astray or how much you have transgressed, do not let these become burdens or excess baggage to carry with you in your pursuit to understand God: Continue marching onward. No matter when it occurs, the heart of God that is man’s salvation never changes: This is the most precious part of the essence of God.”


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