A Rich Man Shall Hardly Enter Into the Kingdom of Heaven – Reflection on Matthew 19:23

Reflection on Matthew 19:23

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Then said Jesus to his disciples, Truly I say to you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 19:23


A wealthy young man asked the Lord Jesus that how to gain eternal life. Not only did Jesus tell him to keep the commandments, but told him to sell all his possessions and give to the poor and follow the Lord if he wanted to be perfect. But he couldn’t give up his property and went away sorrowful.

In the heart of the rich man, he preferred his wealth to following the Lord, so he missed the boat on entering into the kingdom of heaven. This reminds me of that, in this society, many brothers and sisters rush around for money and reputation and ignore the meetings, which has resulted in their straying farther from God.

Then what should we do to satisfy the Lord’s will? I want to share a passage with everyone and hope this will be helpful.

If we are not able to plan or prepare for our future path of survival for the sake of God, this really shows that we can give up everything to satisfy God. Only this is someone who is loyal to God. But man has too little faith, and believe that they cannot survive and have no path to take if they don’t plan or prepare. In fact, spending for God is the way that gets broader the further you follow it. If one leaves God and lives for himself, he will have no path to take and it will be useless to plan or prepare, because everything is in God’s hands and depends on the predestination of God. What God’s this requirement means is that He wants to know whether we can truly entrust ourselves to Him, fully spend ourselves for Him and give up our plan or preparation without any thought for ourselves. Whether we live or die is not our concern, this is a great challenge to our faith. Are you truly willing to sacrifice yourself? Do you have much confidence? Those who can truly abandon his everything for God are people with resolve and this will be a good testimony.”

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