Reflection on the Song “Give the Green Color Back to the Earth”

By Anjing

After work, my friend recommended me a song, which is an original rock song “Give the Green Color Back to the Earth” sung by the singer Tan Weiwei. The lyrics say, “Why does the sky turn into gray? Why is the earth not green? Why is people’s heart no longer red? Why do the snow mountains turn black?” Just as many net surfers have commented, the lyrics are simple and clear, and there is not any word incomprehensible. But the repeated “why” is shocking everyone’s heart. The song is distinguished by a different way of singing as well as the lyrics. One would like to rethink the problems after listening to the song. It is composed to warn us mankind. It is an instructive song.

When I listened to the song and associated it with the society of today, I felt that it is a true portrayal of the society. With the development of technology and market economy, we human beings have been exploiting the natural resources without restriction these years, which has brought our home—the earth—into a state of disaster. The environment has been seriously damaged. The whole earth has lost its original color and become bleak.

The famous actor Jackie Chen’s public-interest advertisement “No trading, no killing” is intended to protect the wildlife. The slogan has been widely spread and known to everyone. But to our regret, it is just an advertising slogan in those greedy people’s eyes. To gain more profits, they are still hunting and killing the wild animals. That is why some rhinoceroses have no horns, why some elephants have no ivories, why some sharks have no fins, and why some birds have no wings. It is because we human beings are selfish, base, greedy, and malicious that many animals are incomplete. It is more detestable that nowadays many people are showing their social status by eating wild animals, and even try to satisfy their vanity by wearing clothes made of the fur of wild animals. Behind their luxurious life and beautiful appearance is blood and cruelty. So how can their heart be red?

While thinking about people’s damage to the environment for more profits, I couldn’t help but remember God’s words: “In addition to man’s greedy search for fame and gain, they continually carry out scientific exploration and in-depth research, then ceaselessly they satisfy their own material needs and lusts; what then are the consequences for man? First of all there is no longer any ecological balance and, hand in hand with this, mankind’s bodies have all been tainted and damaged by this kind of environment, and various infectious diseases, plagues, and haze spread everywhere. This is a situation that man now has no control over, is that not right? Now that you understand this, if mankind does not follow God, but always follows Satan this way—using knowledge to continually enrich themselves, using science to ceaselessly explore the future of human life, using this kind of method to continue living—are you able to recognize what the natural end of mankind will be? What will be the natural final result? (Ruination.) It will be ruination: approaching ruination one step at a time. Approaching ruination one step at a time!” (“God Himself, the Unique VI”).

It is true. In recent years, the whole environment has been damaged, which leads to all kinds of disasters, such as haze, global warming, and melting glaciers. And it has been impossible to improve or reverse the situation. In fact, God creates all things to prepare the environment for us to live in. But we don’t know that we should cherish and protect it. We are following the evil trends for maximum benefit. We are increasingly greedy and insensitive. Driven by further benefits, we damage the earth where we are living in order to satisfy our personal ambition and desire. Many people live in the world according to satanic law of survival “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost.” Gradually, they have lost their conscience and senses and done many wicked things. This is the consequence of Satan’s corruption of man.

Theoretically, we all know that the consequence of destroying the environment is too awful to contemplate. But why can’t we solve the problem? As we all know, protecting the environment, or the current buzzword “building up an ecological civilization,” has been approved by the whole world, which is also the criterion for measuring whether the government is keeping pace with the times. But even though we human beings have racked our brains to solve the environmental problems, we see no result, which stumped many scientists and government officials. Why is it so? How can we stop squandering natural resources? How can we return the color to the earth?

I saw the words of God: “Why has man found himself in his current environmental predicament? Is it because of man’s greed and destruction? If man ends this destruction, won’t the living environment gradually right itself? If God does nothing, if God no longer wishes to do anything for mankind—that is to say, He doesn’t want to intervene—the best method would be for mankind to stop this destruction and return things to how they were. Putting an end to all this destruction means to stop the plundering and devastation of the things God has created. This will allow the environment where man lives to gradually improve. Failure to do so will result in further destruction of the environment and it will only become more serious. Don’t you see that My method is simple? (Yes, it is.) It is simple and feasible. Simple indeed, and it is feasible for some people, but is this feasible for the vast majority of people on earth? (It isn’t.) For you, at the very least, is it feasible? (Yes.) What does your ‘yes’ stem from? Could one say that it involves establishing a basis of understanding about God’s deeds? Could one say it involves abiding by God’s rule and plan? (Yes.) There is a way to change all of this, but that is not the topic we are discussing now” (“God Himself, the Unique VII”).

God’s words pointed out a definite path for practice to us. God created all things and formulated the rules for them. And all things live and reproduce under God’s sovereignty. All things of God’s creation are alive. They rely on one another, and they restrain one another and depend on one another. As long as we live within the laws that God has established, we will live a happy life. It is because of our greed and foolishness that we have destroyed the environment created by God so that it becomes ever worse. The only practice to restore all the things is to stop destroying and plundering the environment right now, to protect the environment created by God. But it’s easier said than done. We human beings have been corrupted so deeply by Satan that we can’t possibly stop destroying the environment without God’s leading and help. Only when we come before God confessing and repenting our sins, giving up our ambition and lust, and obeying God’s sovereignty and arrangements can we really stop destroying the environment. Thus, the whole environment will improve within the laws predestined by God. Gradually, it will restore its color, return to its original state when it was created by God.

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