Seeing Through Rumors According to the Truth (II)


Sister Shi nodded and said with a smile: “It is necessary to fellowship about this question. Only when we are able to recognize God’s voice can we be certain about God that we believe in. We will not be deceived by various heresies and fallacies from Satan any more. Then how should we recognize the voice of God? Let’s look at what God says about it. Almighty God says: ‘The words of God incarnate initiate a new age, guide the whole of mankind, reveal mysteries, and show man the direction ahead in a new age. The enlightenment obtained by man is but simple practice or knowledge. It cannot guide the whole of mankind into a new age or reveal the mystery of God Himself. God, after all, is God, and man is man. God has the substance of God, and man has the substance of man. If man views the words spoken by God as simple enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, and takes the words of the apostles and prophets as words personally spoken by God, then man is wrong.’ ‘He is well aware of the essence of man, He can reveal all kinds of practices pertaining to all kinds of people. He is even better at revealing human corrupt disposition and rebellious behavior. … because He fully understands human nature’ (“God’s Work and Man’s Work”). From God’s words, we can see it clearly: The words of God incarnate can initiate a new age, show us the direction ahead in a new age, reveal the mysteries unknown to us, reveal our corrupt nature, and moreover, bestow eternal life upon us. All of these are unattainable by us humans. So the words spoken by us can’t start a new age or reveal mysteries and our corruption. We humans’ words, no matter how profound, are only a little experience and knowledge of us. The experience and knowledge are also in the scope of God’s work, which are obtained from God’s work and aren’t what we have and are. These are several features that we must master to determine the utterances of God incarnate. For example, when the Lord Jesus officially did His work, He began to preach the way of repentance. Although John also preached then: ‘Repent you: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ He didn’t conclude the Age of Law or bring the Age of Grace because he only did the work of paving the way for the Lord Jesus in advance. As the Lord Jesus preached: ‘Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ He concluded the work of the Age of Law and started the work of the Age of Grace accordingly. Later, the Lord Jesus worked, spoke and taught people of that time to confess and repent, to love enemies, to love your neighbor as yourself, to be humble and patient, and asked them to cover head, to be baptized, to break bread and to drink wine. People of that age followed the Lord Jesus to enter into a new age unwittingly and started new practices. As a creature, nobody could make it. Only God incarnate can bring us the new practice. Almighty God says: ‘There could only be a new age when Jesus came to do new work, launched a new age, and broke through the work that had previously been done in Israel, and did not conduct His work according to the work done by Jehovah in Israel, did not abide by His old rules, and did not follow any regulations, and did the new work that He should do. God Himself comes to begin an age, and God Himself comes to bring the age to an end. Man is incapable of doing the work of beginning an age and concluding the age. If Jesus did not bring the work of Jehovah to an end, then that proves that He was merely a man, and did not represent God. Precisely because Jesus came and concluded the work of Jehovah, followed on from the work of Jehovah by beginning His own work, new work, it proves that this was a new age, and that Jesus was God Himself’ (“The Vision of God’s Work (3)”). The expression of God’s words can change the entire old age, and the whole of mankind will progress forward accordingly. It is the authority and power of God’s words. Today, in the last days, because we have been corrupted more and more deeply by Satan, mere confession and repentance are not able to solve our corrupt nature. That is to say, the root of sin within man is still ingrained. So God incarnate comes to earth for the second time to express several millions of words, and He begins the Age of Kingdom and ends the Age of Grace. God won’t only let us confess and repent or walk the path of the cross, but shows us a more practical way to change our disposition. Then the whole of mankind will keep pace with God’s work with one step forward. Just as Almighty God’s word says: ‘In the Age of Kingdom, God uses the word to usher in a new age, to change the means of His work, and to do the work for the entire age. This is the principle by which God works in the Age of Word’ (‘The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word’). ‘Christ of the last days brings life, and brings the enduring and everlasting way of truth. This truth is the path through which man shall gain life, and the only path by which man shall know God and be approved by God’ (‘Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life’). The words expressed by God are the truth, the way and the life, and are the practical needs of us. As long as we accept these truths, we will have a path to walk. Almighty God has expressed all aspects of the truth in the last days. For example, what true faith in God is, how to pursue to love God, what Peter’s road is and what Paul’s road is, how to become an honest man, how to fulfill one’s duty as a creature, how to walk on the road of revering God and shunning evil. In the aspect of knowing God, the truths are also very rich: How to know the righteousness of God, the holy substance of God and the authority of God, and how to know God is the source of life for all things. The truths of all aspects are rich and they are the sustenance and tonics of our spiritual life. If we equip ourselves with these words of God, they will become a guideline for our conduct and behavior, and so we can live out the likeness of a true man God requires. Just as when I believed in the Lord Jesus: God didn’t express many truths about how to pursue the truth to be saved in the Age of Grace. Even though there were some, the truths were not sufficiently specific and were not detailed. Thus I only knew that I should read the Bible more, run around more and spend more. I thought that doing these things was believing in God and I would be approved by God. However, the more I sought like this, the darker my spirit grew. I felt sluggish and hopeless, and finally I lost the work of Holy Spirit. Later, I was lucky to accept the of Almighty God in the last days. From the words of God, I knew my previous deviation in believing in God and found the exact way of practice in truly believing in God. We must first believe that God holds sovereignty over all things. Upon this basis, we experience God’s work in the people and things God has arranged for us in daily life and practice the words of God, then we will be able to understand the truth and get our corrupt disposition changed, and eventually get to know Him. Only by believing in God like this can we be approved by God.”

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Another sister said: “The work of God Himself is known by God himself. Only He can say it clearly. Just as Deuteronomy 29:29 says, ‘The secret things belong to the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children for ever.…’ Almighty God’s arrival brings all the truths and reveals all the mysteries. So it is completely proved that Almighty God is just the incarnate God Himself.”

I pondered sisters’ fellowships, recalling my path of believing in God: Since I accepted the work of Almighty God in the last days, I have found my true life under the guidance of Almighty God’s words. God asks us to be an honest man and a man with normal humanity. Although I live with my parents-in-law, I have always been practicing this truth according to God’s requirements during our interactions. I consider their feelings and try to live out the likeness of a true Christian in real life. As a result, we seldom come into conflict. It is Almighty God’s words that bring me a way to practice. These words are most needed by us corrupt humans. Haven’t I enjoyed some of it? How can I think that I believe in a man? Thinking of this, I said to sisters: “These fellowships make me really understand much and convince me beyond the shadow of a doubt. Eventually I determine that Almighty God is a true God whom I should worship. Because only He can express so many truths, any high-caliber person or great person isn’t able to express them. Almighty God’s words have completely solved my problem. Now I have seen it clearly that those words are all heresies and fallacies, which can only deceive those people who don’t know the truth. As long as we seek to understand the truth, those heresies and fallacies will collapse by themselves. Satan is really a paper tiger, which can be broken at the slightest touch!”

Sister Shi said happily: “Right! Satan’s sinister intention of spreading rumors is to deceive us and to make us leave God and lose the opportunity of being saved and go to hell with it. But the words of Almighty God can defeat all the heresies and fallacies. No matter how many tricks Satan has, it can’t withstand the slightest blow before God. When faced with problems, we will solve them only by seeking the truth. If we only look at the appearance of Christ and don’t seek the truth to know His substance, then we will condemn God incarnate by our conceptions and imaginations and become the chief of sinners to resist God finally, completely losing God’s salvation of the last days. So when we are caught in some difficulties in future, we must seek the truth together to see through Satan’s tricks and stand testimony. In our daily life, we should also concentrate our efforts on the words of God. The more truths we understand, the deeper knowledge of God we have. We will make certain that this insignificant flesh is the embodiment of God in heaven and He is the one true God worthy of being worshipped by all mankind!”

With the book of God’s words in my hand, I nodded excitedly, feeling warm in my heart. Although I was deceived by Satan’s rumors, I have greater faith in God by fellowshipping about the truths. I am willing to focus on God’s words and follow Almighty God firmly!

The End.

Part One: Seeing Through Rumors According to the Truth (I)

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