Sermons on God's Blessings and Promises to Overcomers

If a person who believes in God has achieved purification, changed in his life disposition, known God and become of the same mind as God, it means he has obtained the life and the truth. Then what is the outcome for this person? He has a place in the kingdom of God. How is Christ’s kingdom formed? It is the result of God’s work of judgment in the last days. God’s work of judgment in the last days will purify a group of people; it will make them perfect. These people will reign supreme in Christ’s kingdom. There is a sentence in God’s words that says, “The people of ‘Sinim’ are all kings.” Didn’t God say that? What country does the “Sinim” refer to? China. The Israelites refer to China as “Sinim.” The “people of Sinim” are a group of overcomers God makes in China. These overcomers will reign supreme in God’s Millennial Kingdom. Although God’s words do not say this per se, that’s what He means. Some people may ask, “Are you saying that in the last days, God only does His work in China? God’s work will end before people in other countries have accepted it? Then, people in other countries will not survive, I guess.” It’s not like that. The work of making a group of people complete in China is the work of judgment beginning with the house of God. They are the overcomers made through this stage of work, the kings of the next era. As for God’s people from other countries, the people of the Millennial Kingdom, they will be made perfect and return to God in the disaster. The people that experience God’s judgment work in China will reign as kings. They will reign in accordance with God’s will. The people that accept God during the great disaster are different; they have a different status and position. They may just be the ordinary people of the kingdom. Therefore, the people that accept this stage of God’s work in China, especially those who have been persecuted by the great red dragon but stay loyal to God until the end, they will be the overcomers. They will reign in God’s kingdom during the Age of Kingdom. In the next age, the Chinese people will reign as kings over the kingdom. That is for certain, because they are the first to accept Christ and are made perfect before the disaster. They are more qualified than the people of other countries. In addition, all those who have been predestined and chosen by God in the last days were born in China; they are the first to accept this stage of work. Therefore, the Chinese people who accept Almighty God’s work in the last days, especially the ones who have been persecuted by the great dragon but can follow until the end, will be the most blessed. Foreigners who accept God will not have these blessings, because they have not endured as much suffering. This has been ordained by God. Christ’s kingdom will be created because of a group of people who are made complete by God’s judgment work during the last days. How is Christ’s kingdom created? How is it established? It is created from God’s work in the last days. It is what is achieved from God’s work in the last days. The crystallization of God’s work in the last days is the creation of Christ’s kingdom. If you do not accept Christ’s judgment in the last days, you will not have a place in His kingdom. It’s that simple. That’s just how it is. Look at what has been recorded in the Book of Revelation: A group of overcomers will emerge from the great tribulation after having been judged. Then Christ’s kingdom will come to exist, and 1,000 years after its creation, the new heaven and new earth shall emerge. God’s tabernacle will be erected among humanity. All these words will be fulfilled. Christ’s kingdom will be created from a group of overcomers made through God’s work in the last days. The people of God, the people of the kingdom, are made perfect through the great disaster. Without those who reign as kings, can the kingdom exist? Where will they come from? The ones who are made perfect before the disaster. These people have experienced the great red dragon’s brutal persecution and will receive the most blessings in the end. This has been ordained by God. This is all according to God’s words!

from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

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