Tempted by Money, She Practiced to Be an Honest Person Like This … (II)

Awakened by God’s Words, I Resolved to Be an Honest Person

I read God’s words: “You ought to know that God likes an honest man. God has the substance of faithfulness, and so His word can always be trusted. Furthermore, His actions are faultless and unquestionable. This is why God likes those who are absolutely honest with Him. Honesty means to give your heart to God; never to play Him false in anything; to be open with Him in all things, never hiding the truth; never to do that which deceives those above and deludes those below; and never to do that which merely ingratiates yourself with God. In short, to be honest is to refrain from impurity in your actions and words, and to deceive neither God nor man.” After reading God’s words, I was very brightened in my heart: God is faithful; He likes honest people and requires that we be frank in our behavior and conduct, not play tricks, and cheat neither God nor people. I wanted to practice to be an honest person according to God’s words, but I thought: The social competition is so fierce. If I practice to be an honest person in this trade, I won’t make too much money. If I don’t cheat customers, they will be attracted by others. Then how will I survive in this trade? And how will my whole family go on living? At the thought of this, I hesitated. …

One day, the mill called us to carry scrap. Before my husband left, we loaded two bags of sand and two big stones. Then I calculated in my heart: Two bags of sand and two big stones totally weigh 150 kilograms. After they are weighed, we will be able to net six hundred yuan, and plus the price difference of selling iron, we can make over one thousand yuan. After calculating, I sweetly waited for my husband’s return. That afternoon, he came back. Seeing that his look was abnormal, my heart sank: Can it be that something happened? Then my husband said in dejection, “Today I was discovered by the mill to give short weight and was fined  two thousand yuan.” After hearing that, I had a blackout, thinking: How could this happen? Today we not only didn’t make money, but lost two thousand yuan instead….

After calming myself, I remembered God’s words: “You ought to know that God likes an honest man. … To be honest is to refrain from impurity in your actions and words, and to deceive neither God nor man.” The enlightenment of God’s words made me feel ashamed. God requires me to be a person with conscience and humanity, but I’m unwilling to practice it, feeling that being an honest person is a loss. Now as a believer in God, I don’t practice to be an honest person according to God’s requirement, but still outrage my conscience to cheat others. God examines people’s hearts, and He is reminding me with this matter I encountered today. I can no longer play tricks like this.

On that evening, I saw God’s words say: “My requirements of people are no higher than the saints, it is just that I feel loathing for the evil deeds of the unrighteous and I hope that the unrighteous may be able to cast off their filthiness and escape from their current predicament so that they can be differentiated from those unrighteous ones, and live with and be holy with those who are righteous.” From God’s words, I saw: God’s requirement is not high; He just asks me to be an honest person and not to associate with those unrighteous people. But I even couldn’t reach the fundamental standard of conscience but still made money against my conscience. Thinking of this, I felt much condemned. Then I came before God to confess and repent to God, and made a resolution that I would never cheat others.

Engaging in a Trick Again and Finally Finding the Root Cause

Not knowing the root cause of my sinning, I still couldn’t resist the temptation when I met chances of making much money. One day, as my husband and I carried a load of scrap iron from the mill to weigh it on the weighbridge, my husband said, “How much shall we decrease for this load of scrap? What about decreasing one and a half tons? The iron price has dropped, so we should decrease more weight. Chances never come again. And since we have this chance, we should catch it.” I thought: I have made a resolution before God that I will no longer cheat people, and that I would rather make less money than give customers short weight. But at the thought that once this is the last time of carrying scrap, if I don’t make some more money this time, I won’t have such a chance. Maybe I can decrease less weight. Well, this is the last time of giving short weight, and in the future I will never do it again. Thinking it over, I still didn’t overcome the temptation, so I called the weighmaster, asking him to decrease the weight for us. After making the phone, I was a bit uneasy in my heart, but as soon as I thought I could net over three thousand yuan after decreasing this one ton’s weight, I still had a desire in my heart.

After we had our scrap weighed, I calculated that this load of scrap could make several thousand yuan again. Thinking about it, I got on the truck with my husband. When we were backing our truck to turn it around, I suddenly heard a bang behind. Our truck knocked on the front of a vehicle and broke its door. At the sight, I was immediately dumbfounded. The vehicle owner said, “You’ve pranged my vehicle. You must have it repaired, or don’t want to go away. Now you and your truck must be left.” Hearing what he said, I was very afraid and thought: We have paid over ten thousand yuan for this load of scrap. If it falls into his hand, we will suffer great losses. So I kept calling on God in my heart. At last, we didn’t settle this matter until we paid the owner twelve hundred yuan. After returning home, I recalled what had happened that day and still had a lingering fear. I was really thankful for God’s protection: We only pranged the door of the owner’s vehicle. If we had injured people, then the loss we suffered would be great…. Thinking that I was so rebellious and didn’t obey God’s words but God still had mercy on me, I felt really ashamed and guilty. Thus, I prayed to God and asked Him to lead me to break away from the bandage and restraint of sin.

Then I read God’s words, which say, “People in the past ran their business in a way that cheated neither old nor young, and which sold items at the same price regardless of who was buying. Is a hint of conscience and humanity not conveyed here? When people used this kind of credo when conducting their business, can we say that they still had some conscience, some humanity at that time? (Yes.) But with man’s demand for ever increasing amounts of money, people unknowingly came to love money, love gain and love enjoyment more and more. So did people come to view money as more important? When people view money as more important, they unknowingly neglect their reputation, their renown, prestige, and integrity; they neglect all these things, don’t they? … According to the usual method of making money, cheating neither old nor young and selling things at the same price for all, the money you make is in good conscience, but it cannot get you rich quick. However, under the urge to make a profit, your thinking undergoes a gradual transformation. During this transformation, your principles of conduct also begin to change.” “People willingly, albeit unknowingly, take their bodies, minds, all that they have, their futures and their destinies and hand them all over to Satan in order to attain the fame and gain they desire. People do this without ever a moment’s hesitation, ever ignorant of the need to recover it all. Can people still have any control over themselves once they go over to the side of Satan in this way and become loyal to it? Certainly not. They are completely and utterly controlled by Satan. They are also completely and utterly unable to free themselves from the quagmire they have sunk down into. Once someone is mired in fame and gain, they no longer seek that which is bright, that which is righteous or those things that are beautiful and good. This is because the seductive power that fame and gain have over people is too great, and they become things for people to pursue throughout their lives and even for all eternity without end. Is this not true?

After reading God’s words, I came to know the reason why I could hardly extricate myself from the mire of sin. It was because these satanic laws of survival such as “Money is not everything, but without it, you can do nothing” and “How much is a conscience worth” had long since become the root of my existence. I always wrongly believed that having money meant having everything. Therefore, in order to make more money to become rich in the eyes of others and be admired by them, I cheated people unscrupulously, tampered with the platform balance, and bought over the weighmasters to play tricks together with us; I even felt that I would make no money if I didn’t cheat others. Living by Satan’s principles, I had long ago lost conscience and reason, becoming a selfish, crafty, and covetous person. I clearly knew that God likes the honest and hates the deceitful, but I still couldn’t help making dirty money against my conscience, without slightest reverence for God. I had long since been a slave and puppet of money. Satan just wants to use money to control and corrupt me so that in my pursuit of money, I would be led astray, fall into the mire of sin, and eventually go to hell with it to receive punishment. Hadn’t God used the people, matters, and things to remind me repeatedly, I would still be in the abyss of sin and didn’t know to what extent I would become degenerate. Thinking of this, I prostrated myself and prayed to God, “O God! I’ve seen that I’m so afflicted by Satan that I’ve lost the human likeness and have done many things against my conscience. Today if I were not saved by You, I still wouldn’t know the root cause of my being corrupted by Satan, nor would I see through Satan’s schemes forever. God! I’m willing to sincerely repent to You. Never will I cheat people. Amen!”

Practicing to Be an Honest Person and Joyfully Getting God’s Blessing

One day, a regular customer carried a load of scrap iron to us. In the past, I gave him the highest price and it made him very happy, so he sold scrap to us every time. But he never knew that we always gave him short weight. Each time we collected his scrap, we could make over one thousand yuan. Today, he came to sell scrap again. Facing this load of scrap, I thought: The iron price has considerably dropped now. If I don’t give him short weight and still give him the highest price, I will suffer loss. If I give him normal price, he will think the price is too low and refuse to sell scrap here, so I will lose a regular customer. Perhaps I can give him a high price and short weight? Just as I was in a dither, God’s words occurred to me, “To be honest is to refrain from impurity in your actions and words, and to deceive neither God nor man.” God’s words reminded me once more: Right. God requires me to be an honest person. Can it be that I would rather go to hell than be an honest person? Now God gives me another chance to amend my ways. I can no longer do anything against my conscience. Then, I silently prayed to God, “O God! My nature is too greedy. May You keep my heart so that I will be able to forsake my flesh and satisfy Your will! Today even if I can’t make a penny, I must practice to be an honest person.” After praying, I felt very secure in my heart. So I said to the customer, “Now the iron price has dropped much further; if I still give you the former price, we will suffer loss. If you want to sell here, I can only give a lower price.” The customer said, “The price is too low and I can’t make money.” I said, “Sorry, you can go to somewhere else to sell it.” After he left, I was very secure and peaceful in my heart, without slightest feeling of regret.

Since then, we have collected scrap according to the actual weight. I would never give customers short weight. If I could make money, I would collect it; if I could not, I wouldn’t collect their scrap and would ask them to sell it somewhere else. When we carried scrap from the mill, I would no longer give short weight and I would only make the money that came within my reach. Now, no matter whether in the big or small business, I don’t play tricks anymore. Every day my life is peaceful and secure and I am very happy in my heart. The money we make is enough to cover my whole family’s living expense, which contents me very much. Since I didn’t play tricks to make money, our business has become better than before due to God’s blessing. Not only do we not lose regular customers, but we also have more new customers. Even the former customers who didn’t sell their scrap to us also called us to carry their scrap. They said, “We haven’t sold scrap to you for a long time. We contacted many people collecting scrap. They gave us higher price than you, but they aren’t as honest as you. You can come to carry our scrap in the future.” Hearing that, I remembered God’s words say, “However much He allows you, that is how much you shall have: If God gives you a little, then you shall never have a lot, and if God gives you a lot, it is no use you resent how much you have. Is this not the case? All of this is up to God, not man! Man is ruled by God, and no one is exempt!” From God’s words, I realized: God has authority and rules over everything. No matter how much money we can make, God has the final say. It’s not that we can get by playing tricks.

From my experience, I deeply tasted: It is miserable to be crafty people and live by Satan’s laws of survival. Instead, it is happiest to be honest people and live according to God’s words. Thank be to God! It was God’s salvation that allowed me to retrieve my lost conscience and live out a bit human likeness.

All the glory be to God!

By Chen Xiang, China

The End.

Part One: Tempted by Money, She Practiced to Be an Honest Person Like This … (I)

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