Wonderful Herbs: The Bane of Liver Cancer

By Chang Lan

The doctor could do nothing with my mother’s liver cancer.

It was on the eve of Spring Festival. All the people around us were joyfully making preparations for the impending holiday, immersed in a festival atmosphere, while my whole family were all worried and depressed for my mother, who was diagnosed with jaundice and hepatic ascites, which later turned into liver cancer. Tortured by the disease, my mother looked thin and sickly in appearance, with dull eyes and yellowing skin; she couldn’t eat or sleep, and was too weak to walk. The doctor told us if my mother had an operation, she could live for a year, and if not, three months at most. Faced with such grievous news, my whole family sank into extreme sorrow. My mother was seventy-six years old. If she had an operation, she would be cut off one third of her liver, and then accept chemotherapy and radiotherapy, during which time she could only relieve herself through a pipe. Even if she could live for a year, she would suffer a lot. After consideration, we decided not to let my mother have an operation. Half a month later, my mother’s illness got much more serious. Her excretion became abnormal and the doctor said it was because of the malfunction of her internal organs. So we had to take my mother back home. At that time, her feet were too swollen to be put into shoes. To diminish the inflammation and alleviate her pain, I decided to take her to a small clinic to have an injection.

Under God’s wonderful arrangement, I bumped into an old lady.

One day, when I took my mother to the clinic for injection, we came across an old lady who was about seventy years old. Seeing my mother’s complexion, she said to me: “Your mother must get jaundice. I know an herb that can cure your mother’s disease. Before, my son, my brother and I all got jaundice. Later, we all were cured by this herb and our diseases have never recurred. Now, we’re all in good condition.” Hearing her words, I got very excited, thinking: “My mother finally can be saved.” Then I asked the old lady with eagerness: “Is that true? But I don’t know the herb you said.” The old lady said: “I’ll take you to pick some. They are everywhere.” Hearing our conversation, the doctor sneered: “Even we doctors can’t cure the disease. Can some grass do that? It’s so ridiculous.” The old lady explained calmly: “I’m certain about this herb’s effect because there are many people who have been cured by it, including me myself. It’s really an effective cure for jaundice.” I thought: “As long as my mother’s misery can be relieved, I must have a try.”

Wonderful Herbs: The Bane of Liver Cancer

The wonderful herb brought my mother back to life.

Thus, I immediately went to search for that wonderful herb with the old lady. When we got the place where that herb grew, the lady pointed at the herbs and said to me: “When the herbs are young, they creep humbly on the ground, and then aspire as vines, with pentagram-like foliage and tiny pink blossoms. After the flowers wither away, the buds are just like those of cotton. When the herb grows mature, it is over one foot tall containing many seeds. After the seeds fall into the soil, they will sprout out the next year.” Then I pulled up a large handful of the herbs, and headed back home; I washed and stewed them for my mother. Surprisingly, after she drank the herbal medicine for one week, her condition improved some and she could eat porridge. And half a month later, her face recovered the glow of health, the swelling in her legs and feet subsided, and her excrement also went back to normal. Now, my mother can do housework and cook meals for us like a normal person. Seeing my family restored happiness and peace, I kept giving thanks to God in my heart.

Later, I saw God’s words saying: “Among all things, whether it is animals, plants, or all kinds of grass, God also created some plants that are necessary to resolve harm or illness to the human body. … There are plants that improve blood circulation to remove stagnation, relieve pain, stanch bleeding, provide anesthesia, help people recover normal skin, eliminate blood stasis in the body, and eliminate toxins from the body. In short, they can all be used in daily life. They are of use to people and have been prepared by God for the human body in case of need. Some of these were allowed by God to be inadvertently discovered by man, while others were discovered from certain special phenomena or by certain people prepared by God. Following their discovery, mankind would pass them down, and then many people would know about them. This way, God’s creation of these plants has value and meaning. In short, these things are all from God and were prepared and planted when He created a living environment for mankind. All of these things are very necessary. Were God’s considerations better thought out than those of mankind? When you see all that God has done, are you able to feel God’s practical side? God worked in secret. When man had not yet come into this world, before coming into touch with this mankind, God had already created all of this. Everything He did was for the sake of mankind, for the sake of their survival, and for the consideration of mankind’s existence, so that mankind can live happily in this rich and plentiful material world God prepared for them, not having to worry about food or clothes, and not lacking in anything.

In the past, I had little practical knowledge or understanding of these words. But this deep-graved matter made me truly feel God’s boundless love for us humans. Before God created mankind, He had prepared for us air, water, sun, flowers, grass, trees, and daily food and drink, etc., just like a mother prepares clothes and milk powder for her baby before its birth, all of which contain her love for her child. God knew that we would get various diseases, so He specially prepared a variety of herbs as cures. There are herbs that cure vascular diseases, skin diseases, the diseases of the internal organs, and so on. According to the doctor’s words, my mother’s liver cancer couldn’t be cured, yet after drinking the decoction of the herb which was created by God, she completely recovered. In addition, this herb doesn’t have any side effect. From the medicinal qualities of the plants, I could feel the carefulness of God, and His real love for us.

From God’s words, I learned that after God’s creation of these herbs, they were discovered from certain special phenomena or by certain people prepared by God. And then mankind passed them down so that we could know about them. In the ancient times, Li Shizhen discovered the miracle functions of some herbs, and then compiled them to the book Compendium of Materia Medica, which has been handed down to today. And the old lady was once cured by the herb and then told us about it. All of these turned out to be God’s wonderful arrangements. I truly felt that God’s love for us was not empty, but real and substantial, and everyone could feel that. Just as God’s words say: “Regardless of how God works, all His work is for the sake of man. Take, for example, the heavens and earth and all things that God created to serve man: The moon, the sun, and the stars that He made for man, the animals and plants, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and so on—all are for the sake of man’s existence.

Later on, our villagers were all surprised at my mother’s recovery, saying: “Your mother’s disease was so serious that even the doctors could do nothing with it. But it was actually cured by some unremarkable grass. That is so wonderful and unbelievable!” Hearing their words, I deeply felt the loveliness of God. Seemingly, it is the herb that cured my mother, but actually, there are God’s kind intentions and His love behind this matter. Thank God for all His arrangements for our existence. Amen!

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