Gospel Preaching "How Does God's Judgment Work of the Last Days Purify and Save Mankind?"

6,671 |2022-01-18

People have realized that the great disasters are upon us and those expecting the Lord to come on a cloud have been waiting with bated breath. After years of waiting, they have yet to see Him come. Instead, they see Eastern Lightning bearing witness to Almighty God's work of judgment in the last days. This is a great disappointment to them. Many people cling to their notions and imaginings, unwilling to seek and investigate the true way, which is why they still haven't welcomed the Lord, but have fallen into the disasters. But there are plenty who love the truth and when they read Almighty God's words, they saw their power and authority, saw that they're all the truth. They recognized God's voice and were no longer held back by their notions, but kept seeking and investigating the true way. Their first questions were why God would still need to do judgment work when their sins are forgiven and they've been deemed righteous by God, and how God purifies and saves mankind through that work in the last days. These are the two most critical and most confounding questions for everyone investigating the true way. This episode of Seeking True Faith will guide you to seek the truth and find the answer.

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