Christian Testimony Video | “Can Knowledge Really Change Your Fate?”

Our narrator, who grew up in a poor family of farmers, takes the phrase “Knowledge can change your fate” as words to live by. However, after her dream of attending university falls through she places her hopes on her daughter’s shoulders, saddling her with a strict studying regimen. However, that academic pressure causes her daughter to become more and more antisocial, and she even disappears from home for an evening. Our narrator is anxious and tormented by thoughts of what might become of her daughter until she reads the word of Almighty God and realizes the idea that “Knowledge can change your fate” has brought nothing but pain and suffering upon herself and her daughter. By reading God’s word, she begins to understand how knowledge should be treated, and how to educate her daughter on taking the right path through life.

Christian Testimony Video | “Fame and Fortune Have Brought Me Suffering”

The protagonist is a doctor who believes that people must achieve success and recognition to lead a worthwhile and meaningful life. In order to get ahead of her peers, she works and studies day and night for more than a decade, sometimes without stopping for 24 hours at a time, constantly afraid of making a mistake during an operation and ruining her reputation. Overwork and tremendous stress cause her to suffer from insomnia, stomach pain, an inflamed gall bladder, and other ailments that cause her unbearable suffering. She doesn’t understand why she spent her whole life getting ahead of others, only to end up with immense sadness and pain. She wonders: How can people live a meaningful life? It is not until she accepts Almighty God’s gospel of the last days that she sees that fame and fortune are tools used by Satan to corrupt and harm people. She comes to understand that it is only by obeying God’s orchestrations and arrangements, seeking to know God, and fulfilling one’s duty as a created being that one can live a meaningful life.

2020 Christian Testimony Video | ” When I Was Eighteen” | Based on a True Story

At the age of 18, Yilian was arrested by the CCP police because of her faith. They used all sorts of tactics to humiliate and torture her, to tempt and entice her, trying to force her to betray God and sell out her brothers and sisters. She prayed and called out to God time and time again through these hardships…. How did Yilian triumph over Satan and stand witness under the guidance of God’s words? Watch When I Was Eighteen to find out.

2020 Gospel Testimony I “I Have Seen My Pastor’s True Colors”

The main character, Chen Qian, is a Christian who has always thought of the pastor and his wife as his spiritual parents. However, when he later accepts Almighty God’s work of the last days and happily shares the news of the Lord’s return with the pastor, he’s surprised to see that not only does the pastor not look into it at all, but instead repeatedly tries to harass Chen Qian to keep him from accepting the true way. The pastor even misleads other church members and incites them to reject Chen Qian. This is very painful and confusing for him and he wonders how the pastor, who had once seemed so wonderful, could act that way. By attending gatherings and reading Almighty God’s words, he sees the pastor’s true colors as a hypocritical Pharisee, and he’s completely freed from the pastor’s control.

2020 Christian Testimony Video | “The Awakening of a Money Slave” | Based on a True Story

In today’s world, phrases like “Money is first,” and “Money makes the world go round,” are held as universal truths and rules to live by. In this video, narrator Chen Min certainly believes in them. In order to make money and become rich, she toils day and night at various jobs, exhausting her body and ruining her health. Even when she is diagnosed with cancer, she doesn’t stop trying to earn money, but continues working while she receives treatment. Years later, she finally achieves her dream of becoming wealthy, owning a house and a car, and gaining the respect and admiration of those around her. But in the process, her body is ravaged by illness and exhaustion, leaving her in constant agony. After she starts to believe in God and read the words of Almighty God, she finally wakes up and realizes that money is nothing but bait, used by Satan to corrupt and poison humanity. She learns that the pursuit of money is not the correct path, and that the only way to give one’s life meaning is to pursue the truth and perform the duty of a created being. Once her views on what to pursue in life are remedied, her health miraculously begins to get better, and her life begins to change …

2020 Gospel Testimony I “Breaking Through the Lies to Turn Toward God”

Ning Xiao, the main character, is deceived by the CCP’s lies and opposes his wife’s faith in Almighty God. He tries everything to stand in her way. But he sees how resolute she is in her faith and her optimistic frame of mind, and he watches some videos made by The Church of Almighty God and sees how positive they all are. He becomes curious: What kind of church is it, really? After an internal struggle, he decides to go see The Church of Almighty God for himself. Through his investigation, he clearly sees the truth behind the rumors and gains true understanding of the Church, and he joyfully accepts Almighty God’s gospel of the last days.

2020 Gospel Testimony “I Have Been Raptured Before God”

As a Christian, he often heard his pastor speak of how when the Lord returns He will rapture believers into the clouds and meet with them in the air. Through a chance opportunity, he hears a friend bear witness that the Lord Jesus has returned to express the truth and do the work of judgment beginning with the house of God. He is shocked, and wonders, “But we’re all still here on earth. We haven’t been raptured, so how could the Lord Jesus have already returned?” Later, he finds that The Church of Almighty God has produced an abundance of videos and movies, as well as many experiential testimonies, all of which bear witness to God, and he can’t help but become curious. He thinks to himself, “That which comes from God is bound to flourish. The Church of Almighty God is growing so quickly, could Almighty God really be the returned Lord Jesus?” Through seeking and investigating, he finds that there are many passages in the Bible which prophesy that God’s kingdom will descend upon earth. Ultimately, he realizes the true meaning of rapture and welcomes the return of the Lord.

2020 Christian Testimony Video | “Knowing God’s Authority and Sovereignty in Life” (English dubbed)

The main character, a vegetable farmer, tries to deal with an infestation of his tomato plants by trying all sorts of different methods relying on his decades of experience, but to no avail. Then through praying and seeking, he comes to understand through God’s words that all things are under God’s rule. When he submits and experiences the situation, a lot of spiders suddenly appear in the field and eat all of the insects on his tomato plants in just a few days. He sees God’s authority in a practical way and his faith in God grows. How does he get through it when, a few months later, diamondback moth larvae appear on his amaranth? What kind of real understanding does he gain of God’s authority and sovereignty after going through that? Join us for Knowing God’s Authority and Sovereignty in Life.

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