Christian Gospel Testimony Video |"Breaking Through Notions to Welcome the Lord"

4,182 |2022-02-12

As a Catholic, she is deceived by her priest into believing that "All the Bible is inspired by God, all of God's words are in the Bible, belief in God cannot depart from the Bible, and departing from the Bible is heresy." Her mother preaches the work of Almighty God in the last days to her, and testifies that Almighty God is the returned Lord who has expressed new words, and she finds it difficult to accept. She has determined that God's words don't exist outside the Bible, and due to the bondage of religious notions, she does not seek or investigate the work of Almighty God for seven years, almost missing the opportunity to welcome the Lord's coming. What makes her change her mind, finally read the words of Almighty God, and hear God's voice? How are her notions finally resolved? Watch Breaking Through Notions to Welcome the Lord to find out.

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