Disasters Are Upon Us—What Is God’s Intention?

In recent times, disasters such as earthquakes, floods, swarms of locusts, fires, epidemics, and famines have continued to spread, and the scope of this spread has grown wider and wider. Of particul...

Escaping the Bondage of Money, I Gain True Happiness

Many people struggle bitterly in pursuit of money and take making money as their goal of happiness. But does money make you happy? This Christian’s story will touch your heart. Read now.

Inspiration From Life: One Man Realizes the True Meaning of Wealth

Everybody dreams of leading a life of material wealth, and I am no exception. I was once someone who worked tirelessly to have an affluent life. However, once I had obtained such a life, I found myself living in torture, feeling sick and empty inside.

Fame, Fortune Are Stumbling Blocks to Happiness

He chased fame and fortune, but almost committed suicide because of huge debts. In despair, he accepted God’s salvation and saw through the harm of fame and fortune.

Why Cannot Knowledge Change My Destiny?

When I was little, teachers always taught us, “If you want to establish yourselves in society and live towering above others, then you must have a lot of knowledge.” Gradually, notions of “Knowledge...