Disasters Are Upon Us—What Is God’s Intention?

In recent times, disasters such as earthquakes, floods, swarms of locusts, fires, epidemics, and famines have continued to spread, and the scope of this spread has grown wider and wider. Of partic...

Obeying God’s Plan for Your Life and Getting Rid of Pain

By Qiao Hui In this noisy and materialistic society, competition is everywhere. It has become a common phenomenon that we are not content with the status quo, and thus we have more requirements of ou...

Escaping the Bondage of Money, I Gain True Happiness

Many people struggle bitterly in pursuit of money and take making money as their goal of happiness. But does money make you happy? This Christian’s story will touch your heart. Read now.

Inspiration From Life: One Man Realizes the True Meaning of Wealth

Everybody dreams of leading a life of material wealth, and I am no exception. I was once someone who worked tirelessly to have an affluent life. However, once I had obtained such a life, I found myself living in torture, feeling sick and empty inside.

No Longer Being a Slave to Money, I Live a Life of Great Value

In this society, money talks, and everyone looks to money. Lots of people have become slaves to money—for the sake of earning money they’ve lost their health and even lives. Could the pursuit of money really be the value in living?

I Got the Way to Shake off the Shackles of Money

By Bong, Philippines I wanted to be rich. I was born into a peasant family in the Philippines. I had a big family and we led a poor life when I was young. I remembered when I was in high school, onc...

My Joys and Sorrows After Achieving Success

By Ziyi, Italy When I was in elementary school, every summer or winter vacation my cousins would come home in their cars, bringing back various presents. All the relatives, friends and neighbors wo...

Appreciating God’s Love From the Miraculous Efficacy of Houttuynia Cordata

By Guan Liang In my childhood, whenever I got a feverish cold, my mother would pull up a handful of houttuynia cordata on the ridges between the fields and decoct it for me. Not long after I drank ...

The Marvelous Relationship Between the Varnish Tree and the Cork Tree

By Chen Xin Every time I thought of my hometown, what first came to me was the mountain chain behind my house. On it there was a verdant wood, trees and hedgerows, and all sorts of strange rocks, a...

The Heart’s Voice of a Man Who Was Once Distanced From God

For the sake of her family and job, she forgot the resolution she made before and gradually distanced herself from God. It was God’s word that brought her before God.

What Does the Story of Eagles’ Growth Teach us About Difficulties?

Only through cruel training can eagles soar high in the air. In our life, we’ll meet many difficulties, but they are what God arranges for us to train us to grow.

Why Does God Test Us? Have You Felt God’s Goodwill?

Why Does God Test Us? There are God’s expectations and perfection of us in His tests and trials of us. Only by undergoing tests can we have true faith in God.

Significance of God Setting Laws of Living for All Things

The laws of living for all things set by God benefit us a lot. Let’s see how she experienced God’s sovereignty and saw His good intentions during her trip on the farm.

Film Review - The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything

Seeing Who Rules Over All Things From Three Aspects | 1. Who Commands the Junctures of Life Man Has to Experience 2. Where Do All Things Originate From and Who Controls Them 3. Who Rules Over the Fates of Nations, Peoples and Mankind

Film Review: Perilous Is the Road to the Heavenly Kingdom

“Why did the film bear as a title Perilous Is the Road to the Heavenly Kingdom?” Just as its name implied, it meant that the path to the kingdom of heaven is full of hardships and dangers.

Fame, Fortune Are Stumbling Blocks to Happiness

He chased fame and fortune, but almost committed suicide because of huge debts. In despair, he accepted God’s salvation and saw through the harm of fame and fortune.

Secret to Stopping Comparing

In order to satisfy her vanity, she compared with others and flaunted wealth, so she became more and more tired. Later, what made her no longer compare?

Knowing God’s Authority in the Laws of Universe

Countless celestial bodies are orbiting in perfect order. Have you seen the authority and wondrous deeds of God?