Reflection on the Rare High Temperatures in 2022

According to news reports, the world is experiencing rare high temperatures in 2022. Continuous extremely hot weather has caused severe droughts, wildfires, and icebergs to melt. Some experts said...

What's the True Meaning of “Behold, I Stand at the Door, and Knock”

Do you know the true meaning of the prophecy in Revelation “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock”? Read this article to get the answer and find the way to welcome the Lord.

How to Treat the Prophecies of the Lord’s Second Coming

How should we treat the Bible prophecies of the Lord’s second coming so that we can welcome Him? The lesson of the Pharisees’ failure in the Bible will inspire you.

In What Way Will the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Happen?

It is promised that the Lord Jesus will receive us so that we can be with Him when He returns, so do you know how Jesus’ return will happen and how we should welcome Him?

What Does “the Sound of the Trumpet” in the Biblical Prophecy Refer To

The Bible prophesies that when the Lord comes again, there will be the sound of the trumpet in heaven and hearing it means meeting the Lord. But what does “the sound of the trumpet” in the biblical prophecy refer to?

Where Will the Jesus Christ Appear When He Returns?

Before the Lord Jesus departed, He promised us that He would come again. But where will He appear when He returns? Are you still waiting for Him to stand on the Mount of Olives in Judea and appear to us?

When the Lord Returns, Will He First Come With Clouds or Come in Secret?

The blue sky was dotted with white clouds floating and rolling along like a flowing landscape painting, and I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh as I thought of how the pastor always used to say, “In th...

How Will the Lord Jesus Return in the Last Days?

The Bible prophesies that the Lord Jesus will return in the last days, but how will Jesus return? Do you understand the prophecies about the Lord’s return in the Bible?

Will the Lord First Give Revelation to Pastors Upon His Second Coming?

Most of us Christians maintain that, the Lord will first give revelation to pastors and elders upon His second coming and that as long as we follow pastors, we will be able to welcome the Lord. Is this viewpoint correct?

Where Will Jesus Return? What Do the Bible and God’s Words Say?

Every Christian is yearning for the Lord Jesus’ return. But where will Jesus return? Bible prophecy and God’s words will show you the answer.

How Will Jesus Return? Have You Welcomed the Return of Jesus?

Jesus really has returned? How are the prophecies of the return of Jesus as a thief fulfilled? Through reading God’s words, I’ve found the answer.

Hear the Voice of God and Behold His Appearance

The Lord clearly prophesied: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me” (Rev 3:20). It is evide...

The Lord Jesus Is Standing at the Door and How Can We Welcome Him?

The signs of the Lord Jesus’ return have all been fulfilled. Why hasn’t the Lord Jesus come to collect us riding upon a white cloud? This article will solve your perplexity.

I’ve Learned How to Recognize the Returned Lord

If the Lord does not appear to us in the image of a Jew when He comes again, then how can we recognize Him and welcome Him?

Revealing the True Meaning of the Coming of the Son of Man

The mystery of the prophecy of the coming of the Son of man has revealed. Read this article to know the true meaning of the coming of the Son of man.

Christian Forum: Is God in the Image of a Jew?

The Lord Jesus is in the image of a Jew. Is God in the image of a Jew? According to the Bible, it is wrong.

Seeking the Lord’s Return in Desolate Church

Why does the church become more and more desolate in this key moment for welcoming the Lord? How to wait for His return?

Does Anyone Know When the Lord Jesus Returns to Work?

We can see in this scripture that no one will know when the Lord will return, so why do so many people testify that the Lord Jesus has come? What does this mean?