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    Why Is the Lord Jesus Called Christ

    Why Is the Lord Jesus Called Christ? What Is the Meaning of Christ?

    The word “Christ” appears in the New Testament, and the men who followed the Lord Jesus called Him Christ. What is the meaning of Christ? Why is the Lord Jesus called Christ?

    How to Treat the Prophecies of the Lord’s Second Coming

    God Is Almighty, but Why Did Jesus Redeem Us by Crucifixion

    How Will Jesus Christ’s Return Happen?



    How Should Christians Act to Receive God’s Blessings?

    How Should Christians Act to Receive God’s Blessings?

    As Christians, every one of us wants to be blessed by God. Then, how should we act to receive God’s blessings? Perhaps, we can gain inspiration from the deeds of Noah and Abraham.

    Does Being Filled With the Holy Spirit Mean Gaining Life?

    Why Blessed Are the Pure in Heart – Reflection on Matthew 5:8

    Beware False Christs: 3 Aspects of Discernment


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    What Are the Biblical Names of God and Their Meaning?

    By Zheng Youming There are many verses in the Bible about God’s names. The names God takes all hold significance. Let’s see God’s names in the Old Testament: Jehovah: Exodus 3:15 states, “And God said moreover to Moses, Thus shall you say to the children of Israel, Jehovah, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial to all generations.” Jealous: Exodus 34:14 states, “For you shall worship no other god: for Jehovah, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” God used to be called Jehovah. He is our shepherd, and He is Jehovahnissi. What was recorded in the Old Testament was that God used the name Jehovah to do the work of guiding man through the Old Testament era. God’s names in the New Testament: Jesus: Matthew 1:21 states, “And she shall bring forth a son, and you shall call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.” Emmanuel: Matthew 1:23 states, “Behold…

    Do You Know the Requirements to Enter the Kingdom of God?

    The Catholic Faith: What’s the Meaning of God’s Name?

    Being raptured must be based on God’s words and not on the notions and imaginings of man


    Christian Testimonies

    When My Husband Tries to Stop Me From Believing in God …

    We always experience repeated spiritual battles and encounter all kinds of Satan’s temptations on the path to the kingdom of heaven. Especially when facing constraints on our belief, how will we be able to stand witness through this spiritual warfare and have a path to follow in the face of these temptations?

    I Once Tried to Obstruct My Wife’s Belief in God, but Now We Worship God Together

    Persecution of Belief: After I Was Released From Jail …

    I Finally Find the Path to Overcoming Repeated Sin


    Christian Life

    Gospel website, Word of God

    A Car Accident Leads to a New Chapter in My Life

    By Ming Li There was a time when all I thought about was money. Then, unexpectedly I got into a car accident, and in the midst of my helplessness and suffering, it was the word of God that showed me the reason behind why I had been living for money. At that point, I entered a new chapter in my life. I had no qualifications or skills, but even a little guy can have big dreams. I dreamed of one day becoming rich, of living the high life. I took a job as a foundryman in a factory in an effort to make more money than my peers. Though the money was good, the work was very damaging to my health. Most people can only work in a place like that for 3–5 years because over time people tend to get TB, asthma and other diseases. What’s more, the work was extremely dangerous: My workmates would often get their hands trapped and crushed in the machinery, eventually leaving them permanently disabled. But I put my safety out of mind in order to make more money, taking enormous risks every day to do th…

    Who Is My Support in Times of Life and Death?

    I No Longer Feel Pain for Being Short in Stature

    Witnessing God’s Wonderful Deeds After Obeying Him


    Christian Devotionals

    Restoring the Proper Life of Man and Taking Him to a Wonderful Destination

    Restoring the Proper Life of Man and Taking Him to a Wonderful Destination

    Man understands a little of the work of today and the work of the future, but he does not understand the destination into which mankind will enter. As a creature, man should perform the duty of a creature: Man should follow God in whatever He does; you should proceed in whatever way I tell you to. You have no way of managing things for yourself, and you have no mastery over yourself; all must be left to the mercy of God, and everything is grasped within His hands. If the work of God provided man with an end, a wonderful destination, ahead of time, and if God used this to entice man and cause man to follow Him—if He did a deal with man—then this would not be conquest, nor would it be to work the life of man. Were God to use the end to control man and gain his heart, then in this He would not be perfecting man, nor would He be able to gain man, but instead would be using the destination to control him. Man cares about nothing more than the future end, the final destination, and whether …

    Why Does God Not Answer My Prayer?

    How to Know Reality

    God’s Word “Concerning the Bible (4)”


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