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The Great Disasters Are Occurring: What Is God’s Will and How Can We Gain God’s Protection?

The great disasters are occurring and Bible prophecies have been fulfilled. How can we gain God’s protection in disasters? Click to read to get the answer.

What Is Faith in God? How Can We Increase Our Faith?

What is faith? Many brothers and sisters in the Lord think that as long as they acknowledge God’s name, persist in reading the Bible, meeting and praying, and furthermore are able to sacrifice everything and labor, they are believers who have faith in God. But, this understanding is one-sided.

Online Gathering—The Way of Getting Closer to God

Online gathering page offers you access to gatherings on various topics. Feel free to join the ones that suit your needs to obtain more new light and rewards....

Why Did Job Curse the Day He Was Born?

Job cursed the day of his birth in trials. Wasn’t he complaining of God that He had sent him to the world? Why did job curse the day he was born? And why did God still commend Job?
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Christian Questions and Answers

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How to Overcome Trials and Tribulations in Life

We always encounter trials and tribulations in life. How can we overcome them? From this reflection on a story, you’ll reap an unexpected harvest.

Why Do We Need to Pray? Does God Answer Our Prayers?

Hello Sister Wang Qing, Good day! Not long ago my elder sister preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus to me. After joining the church, I was told by my elder sister that every day, we need to pray t...

2 Principles Teach You How to Discern the True Church

What is the true church according to the Bible? What are the signs of the true church? Grasping these 2 principles will enable you to find the true church.

How to Establish a Good Personal Relationship With God

It is important to establish a good relationship with God. Then how can Christians build a personal relationship with God? Here are four principles.
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