God’s Words (Selections)

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God's Authority

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The Second Juncture: Growing Up

Depending on what kind of family they are born into, people grow up in different home environments and learn different lessons from their parents. These factors determine the conditions under which a ...

The Third Juncture: Independence

After a person has passed through childhood and adolescence and gradually and inevitably reaches maturity, the next step is for them to part completely from their youth, say goodbye to their parents, ...

The Fourth Juncture: Marriage

As one grows older and matures, one grows more distant from one’s parents and the environment in which one was born and raised, and instead begins to seek a direction in life and to pursue one’s own l...

The Fifth Juncture: Progeny

After marrying, one begins to raise the next generation. One has no say in how many and what kind of children one has; this too is determined by a person’s fate, predestined by the Creator. This is th...
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Righteousness of God

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Holiness of God

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God’s Blessing to Noah After the Flood

After Noah accepted God’s instructions and built the ark and lived through the days God used a flood to destroy the world, his whole family of eight survived....

How Satan Uses Science to Corrupt Man

2. How Satan Uses Science to Corrupt Man What is science? Is not science held in high prestige in the mind of each and every human and considered profound? When science is mentioned, do people ...

How Satan Uses Social Trends to Corrupt Man

5. How Satan Uses Social Trends to Corrupt Man When did social trends come into existence? Did they only come into being in the present day? One could say that social trends came to be when Satan...
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