God’s love that allowed me to emerge alive from prison

God’s Love Accompanied Me Throughout My Ten Years in Prison

Christian Li Gang has been arrested twice by the CCP and robbed of a total of ten years for his belief in God. Ten years of prison life and the cruel, inhumane torture didn’t crush him, but instead strengthened his faith in following God. How did he achieve that?

A Young Christian’s Story: How I Grew Under Persecution and Tribulations

A Young Christian’s Story: How I Grew Under Persecution and Tribulations

My name is Liu Ying. I am a 22-year-old Christian. In my childhood, as my mother often went out to spread the gospel and bear witness to God, she was well-known in the local  area. My family, therefore, became a target of focused monitoring and attacking of the CCP, and I grew up under the persecution of the CCP government. The CCP Police Broke Into Our House and Threatened Us When being pregnant with me, my mother started believing in the Lord Jesus. When I was six, my whole family accepted God’s work in the last days. Under the guidance of my parents, I learned to pray to God and knew lots of stories in the Bible, and I often sang hymns to praise God with my parents, growing up happily. But unexpectedly, my happy life was soon destroyed by the CCP. On a winter’s day in 2003, my father and I were learning the hymn of God’s words when the rural cadre and three policemen suddenly rushed into our yard. On breaking through the door, the police started to look around and then ransacked our house wildly. One of them questioned my father with a face full of rage, “Someone reported that your wife believes in God. Where is she? Get her back immediately!” Then he caught sight of the hymnbook. My father immediately came forward to protect it, but several policemen rushed forward and took it away from my father’s arms. I was stunned by this scene, standing in the corner of the wall motionlessly. I stared at them, astonished. I thought, “How come these policemen snatch our stuff and want to arrest mom every time they come?” I was so scared that I called upon God in my heart. At this time, my father said angrily, “What are you doing? How could you just break into my house and ransack it wildly? Is there any rule of law here?” The police ignored my father’s questions and spoke to him fiercely, “Get your wife back, and don’t let me hear about her believing in God again! Otherwise, I’ll immediately put her into prison!” Then they left in anger. No sooner had they left than my mother came back home. I cried out to my mother, telling her what had just happened, and she caressed my hair, saying, “Don’t be afraid, and don’t cry. Isn’t mom safe and sound? But I have to leave and hide for a period of time.” On hearing these words, I couldn’t stop tears from falling down my face. I grabbed my mother’s hand, begging her, “Don’t go, mom! If we make it clear to the police that believing in God is a good thing, they will not arrest you. Mom, please don’t go, okay?” “You’re still too young to understand these things,” my mother spoke to me with tenderness. “When I’m not at home, you must rely on God more and do as your father says. I’ll come back after a while.” Afterward, my mother left alone. Looking at her receding figure, I thought of the police’s remarks before they left. Then I had some understanding about what my mother had told me before that the CCP police arrested the believers of God, and I clearly saw that the policemen were actually bad guys. The Police’s Visiting Brought Criticisms on Us After that, the police called at our house from time to time, which made our life change radically. To escape from the CCP’s arrest, my mother could only sneak into home under the cover of night and leave before dawn. So the time we spent together was quite little. Without my mother’s company, I learned to do the housework which my peers couldn’t do at a very young age, such as doing the laundry and cooking. Without my mother by my side, other children in the village were unwilling to play with me, and the adults also ridiculed me, saying, “Your mother left home for big money.” “Your mother has abandoned you.” After hearing their gossip, I was grieved to the utmost, and cried out in my heart, “It’s not true. It’s not that my mother doesn’t care about us; it’s not that my mother has abandoned me. It’s because the CCP police want to arrest my mother that she cannot live with us often. It’s the police’s fault, not my mother’s.” When I was a little older, I went outside the village for schooling, and only returned home on weekends, so the chances I had to meet my mother were even fewer. What consoled me was that during the summer vacation I could spend some time with my mother. It should have been a happy thing for me to meet my mother, but I must keep my weather eye open. Even when I was playing with my pals on the street, I could not play without worry like them, because I was entrusted with an important mission—keeping watch so that my mother could escape as early as possible when the police came. I don’t remember how many times I have stood guard, but I do remember how I lived my childhood in fear and dread. Ten years passed in a flash. Under the protection of God, our family got through the persecution of the CCP. My mother wasn’t arrested and kept performing her duty safely, and I’d been growing up healthily under God’s care. My Mother Was Almost Arrested One day in the winter of 2012, I heard from my father that my mother was almost arrested by the CCP police when she was spreading the gospel. That afternoon, the CCP police carried out a search of our house again. Seeing them rummaging through every corner like bandits, I was full of indignation. “Just because of your arrest, I could not enjoy my mother’s care as other children did when I was little, and now, I can’t even see her. But you still don’t let us off and search arbitrarily…

Christian Persecution-A Narrow Escape From the CCP’s Arrest

Christian Persecution: A Narrow Escape From the CCP’s Arrest

She was reported by the religious pastors and elders for preaching the gospel. Confronted with the pursuit of the Chinese Communist Party police, she had no other choice but to leave home and hide at the relatives’ houses, during which time the CCP police didn’t stop pursuing her.

A persecuted christian writting her story in notebook

Who Forces Her Daughter to Be Unable to Return Home

Tang Jin is a mother as well as a Christian. For believing in God, her daughter was arrested by the CCP police when performing the duty outside. After the release, her daughter is constantly monitored by the CCP. One time, the CCP began to put the Christians who were once arrested into prison, so her daughter had to leave home.

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I Am Resolved to Follow the Lord to the End

In the spring of 1999, I believed in the Lord Jesus because of the disharmony of my family. Since then, I received much grace and had peace and joy in my heart. This made me even more certain that the Lord Jesus is the true God. So I began to preach the gospel, and very soon 20-odd people turned to the Lord. Later, as the number of believers in the Lord increased, I provided my two empty rooms as the meeting place for convenience of brothers and sisters. At that time, although I often read the Bible, yet I couldn’t explain it well because I hadn’t believed in the Lord long. Thus, I taught brothers and sisters to sing hymns, and I led a full life every day. However, when we were immersed in happiness, the Chinese government’s sudden persecution befell us. … It was a Sunday morning in the spring of 2000. Over a dozen brothers and sisters were having a meeting at my home. Suddenly, five policemen broke in; without saying anything, they began to snatch the Bible from us. We were all frightened by this, stood there and didn’t know what to do. I took a close look at them, finding that three of this gang of police had come to my home the other day. At that point, they wore everyday clothes and said they came to purchase medicinal materials. I preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus to them, and they all said believing in the Lord was a good thing. Before leaving, one young man even said that he would let his wife believe in the Lord and asked when we would have a meeting. I trusted his words and told that to him. Until now, I knew they were plainclothes policemen and had long planned to arrest us. How sinister and vicious they are! In short order the policemen put more than twenty Bibles and the hymn books all into a bag. Moreover, they flipped my house upside down and turned it into a mess. Seeing Sister Wang and I stand in the forefront, they took us away without a word. At that time, although I heard the CCP persecutes religious belief, I always thought: We just have gatherings and praise the Lord at home, and we don’t do anything illegal, so even if the police take us away, they merely ask us about something. However, the fact fought back against my notion greatly. When Sister Wang and I were taken to the Town Police Station, the policemen separated us for interrogation. Three policemen interrogating me said many blasphemous words against the Lord. Not only did they say our gathering was illegal and disturbing the social order, but questioned us closely about who the upper-level leaders were and who preached the gospel to us. Seeing their baleful look, I thought of the Lord Jesus’ words, “But I say to you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you” (Matthew 5:44). Then I kept calling out to the Lord in my heart, “O Lord! The police force us to betray our church, but I will never be a Judas, the Lord’s betrayer. May You forgive their sins and move their hardened heart so that they turn to You. …” After my prayer, I felt assured in my heart and also had faith. Seeing I didn’t say anything, one of the policemen gnashed his teeth and threatened me in a harsh tone, “If you still believe in Jesus, I’ll sentence you and put you into the labor camp at once.” Hearing that we would be sentenced, I was in a panic and thought: I still haven’t harvested wheat. If the harvest is delayed, we’ll suffer the loss of this year’s harvest. Then how will my family live in the future? And moreover, my five-year-old granddaughter is at my home; if I’m sentenced, who will look after her? Thinking of this, I unconsciously felt weak. At this moment, a policeman took out the paper and pen and asked me to write a letter of guarantee, saying that if I didn’t believe in the Lord and paid a fine of two hundred yuan, I would be allowed to go home. Hearing that I needed to pay the fine, I became very angry, thinking, “If a person does something wrong or takes the wrong path, he should pay the fine. But God created us humans, and supplies us with everything. It’s the law of heaven and earth that we believe and worship the Lord. If I pay the fine, doesn’t that mean I am wrong? They have us write the guarantee, don’t they want us to betray the Lord?” But seeing their fierce look, I felt somewhat afraid. “If I don’t act according to their words, I really don’t know how they will treat me.” Just as I was timid, the Lord Jesus’ words occurred to my mind, “Whoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven” (Mat 10:32–33). The Lord’s words gave me strength, and made my nervous heart calm down. I said firmly, “It’s proper and right for us to believe in the Lord. No matter when, I will believe in the Lord.” Hearing my words, the policemen were at their wits’ end, and then they brought Sister Wang and me to the County Public Security Bureau. After we arrived there, two policemen interrogated me and questioned closely about the same questions, but I flat-out refused him. Finally, when they saw their plot failed, one policeman roared wildly, “You believers in the Lord are too stubborn.” With that, he waved his hand and immediately came several policemen. They forced Sister Wang and me into a police car and took us to the county detention jail. As soon as I entered there, I felt it was ghastly…

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Ripping off the CCP’s Mask, the “Family Trap” —A New Means of the CCP Persecuting the Christians Who Have Escaped Overseas

On November 8, 2017, organized and incited by Wu, the representative of a religious website in South Korea, several family members of the CAG Christians from China staged a farce at the gate of Jeju courthouse in South Korea. They invited the media to hold a press conference, requiring the court to reject the asylum applications of their families in South Korea and declaring, “We want our families to go back home.” On November 9, Wu organized several family members to hold a press conference at the Seoul Press Center building, alleging that the proper asylum application of the CAG Christians was a misuse of the refugee law. On November 10, at the entrance of the Seoul Immigration Office, the family members of a Christian held a banner protesting against the collective refugee applications from the CAG. From November 11 to 13, they held the banner to protest outside several churches of the CAG, wantonly slandering and defaming the CAG, with the focus of  objecting to the CAG Christians seeking asylum and applying for refugee status in South Korea. Right of seeking asylum is one of the fundamental human rights. It is expressly stipulated in Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” So then, what is the background of the CAG Christians coming to South Korea to seek asylum? Are they qualified to apply for refugee status? If they have the qualification, why do their family members violate their right of seeking asylum and obstruct them in applying for refugee status abroad? Who manipulates and instigates the family members of the Christians to interfere in their freedom of belief and attempt to have them repatriated to China? Who is the real arch-criminal that forces the CAG Christians to leave their family and flee abroad? All these are the focus of the issue. In August, 2016, Tian, the wife of the CAG Christian Zhang, came to South Korea. Incited by Wu, she put on a “miserable play” of “looking for my husband in the foreign country” to discredit the CAG. In November, 2017, organized by Wu, Tian and the others hindered the CAG Christians from applying for refugee status again under the cover of familial affection. As to this, what do the Christians who have escaped to South Korea to seek asylum think of it? What is the true fact behind the “family trap” set by Wu? Next, we’ll reveal the truth of the fact in three aspects: Firstly, the true background of the Christians coming to South Korea to seek asylum. Secondly, is it after the teaching of the Bible for the Christians to believe in God and leave home to work hard and sacrifice for God? Thirdly, what is the true intention of Tian and the others coming to South Korea to “look for their family” and who is the invisible hand behind it?   1.The True Background of the Christians of the House Churches in China Coming to South Korea to Seek Asylum Tian and the others said that their family were not refugees and that the asylum application of the CAG was a cheat. So then, have the CAG Christians suffered persecution? What is the true background of their going abroad to seek asylum? As is known to all, China is a country ruled by the dictatorial Communist Party. The CCP has always attacked and condemned religious belief. After holding power, it has declared the Bible as an evil cult book and designated Protestantism and Catholicism as evil cults and wantonly suppressed and persecuted underground house churches. According to statistics, only before 1957, at least tens of thousands of Christians and preachers were persecuted to death and countless Christians were imprisoned in labor camp and fined, which caused a lot of families to be torn apart and destroyed. Since Almighty God, Christ of the last days appeared and did His work in 1991, the CCP has never stopped its persecution of the CAG. On May 8, 1991, the CCP dispatched the armed police force in coordination with the police to conduct a large-scale suppression and arrest operation against the church and pursue the arrest of church leaders. In 1995, the CCP declared Christian house churches such as Shouters and the CAG as cult organizations and subjected them to oppression and persecution. On April 29, and on May 1, 2000, the Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China separately convened meetings of No.1174 and No.87. By issuing interpretation, the so-called legal basis is provided for the CCP to suppress, arrest, and ban the house churches and the CAG. And Article 300 of the Criminal Law is the Miscellaneous Provisions. After the Christians are arrested, even if they are innocent of a crime, as long as they believe in God, they will be imprisoned in labor camp and be persecuted to death with no one to answer for it. According to rough statistics, in the short span of two years between 2011 and 2013, there were up to 380,380 CAG Christians arrested and detained by the CCP government, of whom 111,740 people were fined or extorted, 43,640 people suffered various tortures and cruel treatment, and 35,330 people had their houses searched. Along with its sins of persecuting the Christians being constantly exposed to the world, the CCP was red-eyed with fury. In 2014, in order to completely ban the CAG, the CCP plotted the May 28 McDonald’s Murder Case to lay the blame on the CAG and also used the media to propagandize. On June 16, the CCP carried out a nationwide special action, the “One-Hundred-Day Battle,” to crack down on the CAG, escalating the act of suppressing the CAG into an “urgent, arduous, and significant” political task. Just according to the statistics publicly reported by the CCP’s media, there had been 1,858 CAG Christians arrested during the “One-Hundred-Day Battle,” and in the half year of latter 2014, at least 6 CAG Christians…

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Lord! I Shall Forever Follow You

My name is Yong Gai, and I’m 72 years old this year. In 1992, I believed in the Lord Jesus. Because I ardently pursued, I was promoted to be main co-worker. Since then I usually preached and worked outside and accordingly, I suffered the Chinese government’s arrest. Around 11 p.m. on June 15, 1996, my family and I had fallen asleep. Suddenly, I was awakened by the dog’s barking. Then I heard “bam bam bam” from the door. I asked, “Who is that?” I heard a man said viciously, “It’s the police. Open the door quickly!” I thought: It’s so late. What do they come to me for? Just as I was opening the door, six or seven policemen rushed into my room. Two of them grasped me and forcibly twisted my arms, pushing me out of the door. Before I had recovered from this sudden arrest, another policeman kicked me hard, two times. While kicking, he said through gnashing teeth, “We’ve tried to capture you three times, but you’ve had us running around in circles. This time, we finally catch you.” When I turned my back and glanced at him, I found it was the director of the Public Security Division of our team. More than ten sturdy guys were standing beside the door with electric batons and sticks in their hands. I struggled and said, “Why do you arrest me? What law have I broken?” One of the police said, “Your belief in the Lord is illegal. Your preaching is disturbing the social order and is against the law.” I said, “Believing in the Lord is a good thing. How has it become disturbing the social order?” They seemingly didn’t hear me, and still marched me to the road with more than ten police following on either side and behind. After walking about fifty meters, I saw several police cars parking ahead of me. They pushed me into a car, and handcuffed my hands to it. About half an hour, the car stopped. They opened the handcuff and pulled me out of the car. Then they shoved me into a dark room more than ten square meters with only an empty cement floor. Seeing that they all looked ferocious, I couldn’t help but feel scared. So, I prayed to the Lord, “O Lord Jesus! Thanks be to You! The policemen take me here and I feel afraid. May You give me faith. I am willing to rely on You and stand firm in the testimony! Amen!” After my prayer, my heart was calmed. At around eight o’clock a.m. on June 18, it was rainy. Two policemen handcuffed my hands and pushed me into a car. About half an hour later, they took me to the municipal Public Security Bureau. One policeman put me in a cell and then intentionally raised his voice, “Listen carefully! This is a believer in the Lord! Be ‘nice’ to him and serve him.” Hearing his words, the prisoners came up to punch and kick me. I writhed on the floor with pain, and screamed unceasingly. One of the prisoners pulled me up from the floor and pushed me back against the wall, letting each of the eight strong prisoners hit hard on my chest seven times. Then he let me turn back with my face against the wall, and made them hit hard on my back eight times. I immediately felt I couldn’t breathe and ached unbearably. I cried and prayed to the Lord silently in my heart: “O Lord! May You protect me! I feel too miserable to bear it. I think I’m going to die. Lord, I give my life to You.” In my prayer, I seemed to see that the Lord Jesus was covered with wounds, bore the heavy cross and walked toward Calvary. “The Lord Jesus is innocent, but he was willing to be crucified. I am a sinner who received God’s mercy, why cannot I dedicate my life to the Lord?” At that moment, I heard someone say, “We can’t beat him anymore, or he will die.” I felt relieved in my heart, knowing this was the Lord’s compassion and care for me. One prisoner held me up, and asked, “What law did you break?” I said weakly, “I’m a believer in the Lord. I didn’t break the law.” He said, “Believing in the Lord is being a good person. Why did they arrest you?” I said, “Because they don’t allow people to believe in the Lord.” Hearing what I said, some prisoners said, “Believers in the Lord are good people. We cannot beat him anymore.” At that time, I thanked the Lord for His protection: If He hadn’t protected me, I would have been beaten to death for suffering such cruel beating. At this moment, I thought of the Lord Jesus’ words: “For whoever will save his life shall lose it: and whoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it” (Matthew 16:25). “Yes, God is testing my faith by the things happened to me. When I give my life to the Lord, He protects my life. From this, I see my life and death are both in the Lord’s hands.” Around 8:30 a.m. on June 24, a policeman handcuffed me and took me to the interrogation room. The police there pounded the table and shouted, in a harsh tone and with a severe expression, “The Party’s policy is to be lenient to those who confess, and harsh to those who resist. Speak! Who preached to you? Who did you preach to?” I said angrily, “According to the state law, ‘everyone enjoys freedom of religious belief, and the state protects the legal rights and interests of people,’ why do you arrest me? This is illegal.” A policeman, who seemed to be the head of the police, sneered sinisterly and deceitfully, “Regarding religious freedom, that’s to deceive the public. To tell you the truth, China wanted to join the World Trade Organization. But any country…


The Waiting Under the Plane-tree

In the early morning, a girl leaned against the door frame, looking helplessly ahead. Under the plane-tree on the roadside stood a woman who is the girl’s mother. She, looking worried, had her back to the girl, with a small baggage at her feet. The girl gazed at her mother’s back with reluctance, lost in her thought. In the afternoon before, the village cadre took two policemen to the girl’s house to get some information about her mother’s belief in God; fortunately, her mother wasn’t at home so that she escaped the disaster. In order to flee from the arrest by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), her mother had to leave for another area. When the girl was thinking about this, a bus came with a honk. Her mother flagged down the bus, and then looked back at her meaningfully. Looking at her mother’s lingering and worried eyes, the girl was desperate to say: “Mom, please don’t go.” But she knew that her mother would be arrested if she continued to stay at home. The girl didn’t want her mother to leave, and she particularly didn’t want her mother to be arrested and persecuted by CCP, so she could only choke back her tears and swallow back the words; she knew that her mother wanted her to be strong and take care of herself. At that moment, the bus slowly stopped; her mother, managing to overcome the reluctance in heart, picked up her baggage and got on the bus determinedly. When the girl watched the bus gradually disappearing from view, her eyes moistened. Thinking that her mother could no longer accompany her, she felt empty in her heart, the tears flowing uncontrollably. No word had come from the girl’s mother since she left; the girl didn’t know whether her mother lived well, whether she was safe, or whether she had money. The girl recalled that she once had a happy family. Her father was hard-working and her mother was virtuous; they loved each other and they were a model couple in the village. Her father had originally been fine with her mother’s belief in God, but after hearing the rumors and slander spread by the CCP government, he not only began to strongly oppose her mother’s faith in God, but mobilized their relatives to prevent her mother from believing in God; since then, the caring family no longer existed and they always quarreled over her mother’s belief in God. After her mother’s departure, the family broke apart. Thinking of this, the girl felt a heartrending pain, with tears silently rolling down her cheeks. The girl was worried about and missed her mother while learning to adapt to the life without her mother. It is known that a child who has a mom is like a gem. In earlier times, when her mother was at home, she did all the housework and particularly cared for the girl. But her mother was no longer at home and her father was busy with his work, so naturally the girl had to do the housework, such as buying groceries, cooking, cleaning the floor, and washing the clothes, and so on. Children the same age as her were playing freely, while she had to do the housework; she felt discouraged and lonely but she could only bear it in silence. Without her mother’s company, no one shared her happiness and sadness, success and failure in her growth, which made her feel extremely lonely. Especially on Spring Festival when every house was nicely decorated and every household was having a family party, the girl recalled: Normally at this time of the year, mom would have got the house all shipshape and made a hearty meal on New Year’s Eve. All three of our family would sit around, chatting and laughing. How happy we were! But this year, without mom, the house is somewhat untidy, the meal is rather simple, and dad is uncomfortably silent. The joyful reunions of other families made the girl’s home seem to be more quiet, and the girl missed her mother even more; behind the scenes, she had shed countless tears. While missing her mother, the girl couldn’t help feeling some resentment: We are created by God; it is the law of heaven and earth that we believe in God and worship Him. Why does believing in God become a huge sin under the CCP’s rule? Why does the CCP government persecute Christians? Why does it persecute my mother so much that she can’t return home and I lose my mother? At night, the girl came beneath the plane-tree on the roadside; the road was extremely silent and the plane-tree was already bare. The girl looked at the end of the road, expecting her mother to appear in the next moment, yet her expectation came to nothing; her mother didn’t return home that year, and the girl thought that perhaps her mother would come back next year. Year after year, the leaves on the plane-tree by the road grew and fell again and again. Seasons changed, but what didn’t change was the girl’s waiting. Finally, on a normal day, her mother came back. Looking at her mother’s both familiar and strange, darker and thinner face, the girl excitedly said: “Mom!” Her mother smiled and nodded, with eyes full of tears, and the girl threw herself into the arms of her mother. Her mother looked at the girl lovingly and asked her solicitously how she lived those years. While asking, she took a white down jacket from a bag and put it on the girl; the girl knew that her mother must have been concerned about her those years. Later, from the revelation of God’s words and brothers and sisters’ fellowship, the girl had finally resolved the confusion buried inside her heart. God’s words say: “For thousands of years this has been the land of filth, it is unbearably dirty, misery abounds, ghosts roam its every corner, tricking and deceiving, making groundless…

A Seminar on Religious Persecution and State of China in Australia

On April 4, 2018, at 3pm local time, the Center for Public and Contextual Theology held a seminar on the theme “Religion and State in the People’s Republic of China” at the chapel at the Australian Center for Christianity and Culture, in Canberra. This seminar discussed the current difficulties China’s religious beliefs are facing under the CCP’s dictatorial rule. Several internationally renowned professors and scholars from England, America and Italy, were invited to the seminar and delivered speeches. They spoke about the state of religious persecution in China, some experts and scholars also revealed the truth of the CCP cruelly persecuting The Church of Almighty God and appealed for refugee status of those Christians fleeing abroad.   At this seminar, Prof. Eileen Barker, the director of the UK’s INFORM, gave a speech titled “Tyrant or Protector? Why might it make sense for the Chinese People’s Republic to restrict religious freedoms?” She indicated China’s so-called religion is controlled by the CCP, and the CCP is the head of the Chinese churches, and that they determines and strictly controls the number of people baptized, preachers, and the preaching content, etc. Prof. J. Gordon Melton from Baylor University of the United States, gave his speech about the topic “How Religious Diversity and Religious Freedom Works in the People’s Republic of China.” He mentioned: About three years ago, the CCP drew up a plan to dismantle 4,000 churches in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province; and now, 1,500 churches have been forcibly demolished. In addition, he stated that the CCP wanted to remove all the crosses and fully restrict Christianity, and it has been more heavily persecuting and repressing The Church of Almighty God newly founded in China. In the seminar, Professor Massimo Introvigne, an Italian sociologist and director of the Center for Studies on New Religions, spoke of China’s “Sinicization” of religion advocated strongly in recent years. Furthermore, he made a detailed introduction on The Church of Almighty God which is the most persecuted currently in China, including the teachings and origin of The Church of Almighty God, the true fact of it suffering the CCP’s persecution, and debunked the rumors made by the outside to discredit The Church of Almighty God. During his speech, he mentioned since 1995 when the lists of “cults” were again published by the CCP, The Church of Almighty God has consistently appeared in these lists of “cults,” and that the CCP’s persecution of religious beliefs has been becoming extremely severe especially after the McDonald’s murder case in 2014. According to rough statistics, from 2011 to 2013, within just two years, 380, 380 of Christians from The Church of Almighty God were illegally arrested, detained and sentenced by the CCP. Among them, 43, 640 people suffered all kinds of cruel tortures while being illegally interrogated, 13 people were beaten to death. So far, it’s well documented that 44 Christians from The Church of Almighty God are killed by the CCP. In recent years, with the CCP’s continuously escalating persecution of The Church of Almighty God, some Christians were forced to flee to overseas democracies and sought political asylum in order to survive and continue their faith. However, they have great difficulty being granted the refugee status in some overseas countries. Therefore, their current life cannot go smoothly, and some of them even are facing the danger of being repatriated anytime. Ms. Rosita Šorytė, President of International Observatory of Religious Liberty of Refugees, talked about the issue of Christians from The Church of Almighty God seeking political asylum overseas. She mentioned that there are currently more than 200 members of The Church of Almighty God in Australia applying for asylum, and only 5 or 6 of them have been granted the refugee status, some have been rejected, some are still waiting for the interview. She also pointed out that the right of freedom of belief was enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stipulates everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. In addition, she said the cases of Christians from The Church of Almighty God totally correspond with the requirements for asylum application and they should be granted the refugee status, and that they should get timely protection, but they are ignored. At present, many international human rights experts, religious scholars as well as human rights organizations have called on the international community to pay attention to the state of The Church of Almighty God suffering the CCP’s persecution, to provide those exiled Christians with fundamental human rights protection, or at least guarantee that they are not in danger of being repatriated. Prof. Eileen Barker, the director of the UK’s INFORM delivering her message. (Photo: Ding Wei) Prof. J. Gordon Melton from Baylor University speaking at the seminar. (Photo: Ding Wei) Professor Massimo Introvigne giving a detailed presentation on the persecution of The Church of Almighty God. (Photo: Ding Wei) Ms. Rosita Šorytė, President of ORLIR, giving a speech. (Photo: Ding Wei) Source: Association for the Defense of Human Rights and Religious Freedom

International Society for Human Rights Holds the Annual Conference Concerning the Persecution of Religious Beliefs in China

International Society for Human Rights Holds the Annual Conference Concerning the Persecution of Religious Beliefs in China

From April 6th to 7th, 2018, the 46th annual conference of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) was held at the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut in Bonn, Germany. The main focus of this year’s conference is to pay attention to the humanitarian situation and religious freedom in the Middle East. Some of the human rights figures, religious figures and representatives of persecuted Christians were invited to attend the conference. On the afternoon of April 7, the theme “Religious Freedom in Asia” was being discussed in the conference. The honored guests spoke on the China’s beliefs. The retiring cardinal Joseph Zen from Hong Kong introduced the difficulties faced by Chinese Christians and reiterated that religious freedom is a human right, but it is absent in China. On the same day, cardinal Zen also received a human rights award from the Stephanus Foundation for Persecuted Christians. He said that the money will be used to support the oppressed Christians in China. The representative from The Church of Almighty God spoke of the fact that their church has been subject to suppression and persecution by the Chinese authorities. The Chinese Communist Party held many emergency meetings to formulate and issue many secret documents, and carried out various means that are used to deal with The Church of Almighty God: creating false cases, launching national propaganda machines, and inciting people to hate The Church of Almighty God; using high-end equipment to investigate Christians; forming WeChat groups and high reward system for reporting Christians; going into households to investigate Christians’ information with various excuses; abusing all forms of cruel tortures to extort confessions, torturing and persecuting Christians; and so on. According to the incomplete statistics from the 2017 annual report of The Church of Almighty God, from the beginning of 2017 to the end of September 30, at least 3,362 Christians were persecuted by the CCP, which involved 32 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in Mainland China. Of them, 2,122 were placed under surveillance, 204 were illegally searched and 1,036 were illegally arrested. The fact that The Church of Almighty God was persecuted by the CCP has attracted the attention of the participating experts. Dr. Seyrich Renate from the working group of the City of Karlsruhe of the ISHR said, “Today, thanks to your speech, I feel that it is very necessary for you to expose the CCP’s persecution and to let the public know what has happened in China, for this information is something we are not aware of. Although we all know that there is no freedom of human rights in China, we don’t know how bad it is. Your narrative has made us feel the cruel persecution more intuitively. Belief is the most fundamental human right, which is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The basic law of Germany also protects human rights, so we also want to do something for the persecuted Christians from The Church of Almighty God, and let more people give you support and condemn the CCP’s evil actions as well as help you get shelter in overseas countries.” A spokesman for a working group of the ISHR said, “The status of China’s beliefs has scared me. This is an unusual situation for us. I cannot imagine Christians being persecuted in this way in China. We enjoy the freedom of religious belief in Germany; yet for the Chinese Christians, especially Christians in underground churches, their freedom of religious beliefs is not guaranteed and they are even brutally persecuted. I’m very shocked by it. I think that European people need to be awakened to understand what is happening in China and what is happening in this world.” A guest said regarding the overseas countries’ ignorance of the human rights situation in China, “I have always paid attention to the human rights in China and I know a lot about China. During the June Fourth Incident in 1989, the CCP cruelly suppressed the students. It made me see that there is no real freedom of democracy under the CCP’s rule. And as far as I know, the topic of ‘June Fourth Incident’ is forbidden to talk about in China. There is no freedom of speech and belief in China. The CCP bribes the Western media to report for it. Therefore, outsiders rarely know the true status of human rights in China.” Now, the status of China’s religious beliefs is still deteriorating. On April 3, the State Council Information Office issued a white paper entitled “China’s Policies and Practices on Protecting Freedom of Religious Belief.” It stated that they are actively guiding religions to adapt to socialist society. Then there are reports that the “Bible” on the Mainland China’s online shopping platform has been completely removed. It is feared by the outside world that this is a new measure taken by the CCP to suppress religious freedom following the forcible demolition of the cross. The 46th annual conference of the International Society for Human Rights. (Photo: Wang Fang) Source: Association for the Defense of Human Rights and Religious Freedom

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