God’s Timing Is Perfect—A Christian’s Experience of Job Hunting

By Liang Xin For a young person who is about to enter into society after graduation, the biggest trouble he has to face is job hunting. Indeed, there are many enterprises and public institutions in...

The Transformation of a Prideful Teacher

Being an outstanding teacher, she once used it as a capital, became proud and thus suffered a fall. After putting her pride aside, she not only handled failure at work but also had a better interpersonal relationship.

I Never Lose Anything by Being an Honest Person

Many people believe that in today’s society, being an honest person means that they will suffer loss. Duo Ji, however, has confirmed through his own experiences that this is incorrect.

I Have Found the Way to End the Strife With My Competitor

By Xiaoyue In the bright light of a morning sun, I went into a mall with a springy step. Then I entered my quaint little clothing store and started going through the dazzling and fashionable clothe...

How to Treat a Colleague Who Always Shirks Her Duties

By Zhang Jie In a fine afternoon in early summer, the sun was high in the sky and roasting the earth. It was almost time for students to leave school. The murderous heat didn’t mean to fade away an...

How Do Christians Resist Temptation in the Workplace? She Did It This Way

The manager tempted her with lust and benefits. If it were not God’s words that guided her to see through Satan’s schemes, she would have fallen into Satan’s snare.

Being Honest in Recycling Receives God's Blessings

She once deceived customers to make money. It is God’s words that have awoken her heart. When she is honest in recycling, she receives God’s blessings.

Letting Go of Grudge, Keeping Up Friendship

Her good friend had stolen a big client from her, and thus she bore a grudge against her. God’s words helped her let go of the grudge and be reconciled with her friend.

Applying for Jobs Honestly, I've Seen God's Blessings

Her relatives asked her to tell lies when she applied for jobs, but she insisted on being honest, and finally she has seen God’s blessings.

God Blesses the Honest - Story Happens at Fruit Stall

She once used all kinds of tricks to deceive customers by selling fruit, but when she practiced being honest, she realized that only the honest can be blessed by God.

Story of Being Honest in Clothing Store

To earn more money, she became more and more deceitful in business. When she pursued to be honest according to God’s words, she has seen God’s blessings.

Christian Positive Attitude in Job Interview

She needs to go for Job interview tomorrow, but she hasn’t had any idea about a design plan. When she learns to obey God in His words, her problem has been solved.

A Day to Be Honest

She intended to make a killing from customers, but instead, she was cheated by them. When she practiced being honest, she was approved of and respected by others and saw God’s blessings.

The Secret to Being Approved by Boss

Although she made mistakes at work, she was approved by her boss. The secret is …

Trust in God and Win God’s Grace in Daily Life

By Xin Xin Editor's Notes: She used to treat belief in God as spiritual sustenance, thinking believing in God is simply believing in God and has nothing to do with life. In an accident, she relied ...

Tempted by Money, She Practiced to Be an Honest Person Like This … (II)

Quick Navigation Awakened by God’s Words, I Resolved to Be an Honest Person Engaging in a Trick Again and Finally Finding the Root Cause Practicing to Be an Honest Person and Joyfu...

The Course of a Doctor’s Transformation

When my mother took me to the hospital to see a doctor in my childhood, I saw doctors and nurses in white shuttling to and fro and felt that they were like angles. I deeply admired them and thought: I...

Relying on God, I Easily Modify Well Creative Proposal

By Jiawen In July this year, after graduation from university, I was employed by an advertising agency as a planner. In today’s fiercely competitive society, I deeply knew that it was due to God’s ...