Rich Toward God: Remember to Get Closer to God in Busy Work

Because of busy work, we are always incapable of attending meetings or reading God’s words, much less can we maintain a normal relationship with God. So, what are we supposed to do?

Are You Still Studying the True Way According to Statements on Well-Known Websites?

By Jin Xin Many people think that what well-known websites say is to be trusted because they are authoritative mainstream media. Thus, they use these websites to check out many things, and some of ...

A Young Christian’s Experience of Spreading the Gospel of the Lord’s Return to His Father

“Get out of the house if you still want to spread the gospel to me.”……This was what my father said to me when I spread the gospel of the Lord’s return to him. Once, faced with my hardened father, I felt negative, weak and sad. However, in my helplessness, it was God’s words that gave me faith and allowed me to resolutely spread the gospel.