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God’s Guidance Frees Her From the Pain of Her Marriage’s Collapse

Xiaomin thought of how she was stuck before living in pain from her husband’s betrayal that she couldn’t extricate herself from and it was God’s words that allowed her to recognize the root of his depravity and to clearly see how Satan uses evil trends and all sorts of absurd thinking ...

Is Money the Foundation of Christian Marriage?

Is money the foundation of a happy marriage? When you involve yourself in a bustling city, is your marriage facing the test of money? Read to learn Christian Amuer’s marriage story.

My Mistaken Views on Choosing a Spouse Almost Ruin My Happy Marriage

By Zijian, China Although through selecting carefully, my dream of my future husband and I being a perfect match was difficult to achieve. Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed watching romanc...

After Husband Betrayed Me, God Guided Me Through the Pain

After my husband betrayed me, I lost direction in my life and lived in pain. It was God’s word that enabled her to leave behind the shadows of her marriage crisis.
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Children's Education

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Christians in the Workplace

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Interpersonal Relationships

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How I Let Go of My Resentment Against My Close Friend

Facing self-interest, my close friend betrayed me and I couldn’t help but develop resentment toward her. It was God’s words that gave me a way and guided me through the pain.

How to Improve the Frosty Relationships at Work

As we always fix our eyes on our colleagues when interacting with them at work, this results in bad interpersonal relationships. How should we improve our frosty relationships at work?

God’s Words Led Me to Put Aside the Desire for Fame

By Cong Ling March 1st, 2018 Thursday, Sunny Today, a young brother named Xiaoyang came to our church. Although he has not believed in God for very long, he really engages in pursuit and expends...

A Christian’s Testimony: How to Mend a Friendship Broken by Interests

Before, they were good friends, but their relationship became rigid because of interests. How did the protagonist mend the friendship with her friend later? Let’s read her story.
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Life of Faith

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How to Connect With God in the Busy Work

Because of busy work, we are always incapable of attending meetings or reading God’s words, much less can we maintain a normal relationship with God. So, what are we supposed to do?

Are You Still Studying the True Way According to Statements on Well-Known Websites?

By Jin Xin Many people think that what well-known websites say is to be trusted because they are authoritative mainstream media. Thus, they use these websites to check out many things, and some of ...

I No Longer Feel Pain for Being Short in Stature

By Jiali, United States My young heart deeply hurt for my short stature. I was small when I was a child, so the elders around me often said to me, “You should eat more, or you won’t get taller if yo...

A Young Christian’s Experience of Spreading the Gospel of the Lord’s Return to His Father

“Get out of the house if you still want to spread the gospel to me.”……This was what my father said to me when I spread the gospel of the Lord’s return to him. Once, faced with my hardened father, I felt negative, weak and sad. However, in my helplessness, it was God’s words that gave me faith and allowed me to resolutely spread the gospel.
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Christian Reflection

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