The Catholic Faith: What’s the Meaning of God’s Name?

God’s name is recorded as being Yahweh in the Old Testament, but it is recorded as being Jesus in the New Testament. What’s the Meaning of God’s Name? Why does God’s name change?

Why Does God Take Names, and Can One Name Represent the Entirety of God?

Relevant Words of God: Could the name of Jesus—“God with us”—represent God’s disposition in its entirety? Could it fully articulate God? If man says that God can only be called Jesus and may not have...

Do You Know the Meaning of Different Names of God?

God’s name is Jehovah, just as the Old Testament records, “I, even I, am Jehovah; and beside me there is no savior” (Isaiah 43:11). “This is my name for ever, and this is my memorial to all generation...

The Relationship Between God’s Names and His Work of Salvation

In the beginning, God did not have a name. Because of the need of work, God took the name Jehovah in the Age of Law and Jesus in the Age of Grace. What’s the relationship between God’s names and His work of salvation?

Mystery of Revelation: The Lord Jesus’ Name Will Change When He Returns in the Last Days

Many brothers and sisters see the words “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever” (Hebrews 13:8), and they believe that the Lord Jesus’ name cannot ever change. But some people have made a new discovery in the Book of Revelation……

Disclose the Mystery of God’s Names—Jehovah and Jesus

One day, Xunguang came to visit her co-worker Wang Li. After they chatted for a while, Xunguang raised a question, “In the age of the Old Testament, God’s name was Jehovah; in the age of the New Tes...

I Found the Mystery of God’s Name in a Different Sort of Meeting

In a different sort of meeting, I found the reason why the name of Jehovah was changed into Jesus, and the relationship between God’s name and God’s work.

The Mystery of God’s Name: My Seeking Brought Me to Meet With the Lord

She doubted whether the Lord will change name when He returns. Through seeking, she not only understood the mystery of God’s name, but welcomed the Lord who she had yearned for for many years.

The Mystery of God’s Name: The Lord Shall Have a New Name Upon His Return

It is prophesied in Revelation 3:12 that the Lord shall have a new name upon His return in the last days. So what name will the Lord take when He comes back?

Gospel Movie Extract 2 From "God's Name Has Changed?!": The Significance of God's Name

Why does God take different names in different ages? What is the significance of God's name in each age? The film clip will help disclose this mystery for you.

What’s the Name of the Returned Lord Jesus in the Last Days?

Many prophecies from the Bible say God will have a new name in the last days. Then will He be called “Jesus” when the Lord Jesus returns? Let’s study the Bible and know the mysteries of God’s names. ...