Crosstalk “A Wrong Turn”: Heed the Voice of God and You Will Not Lose Your Way

English Christian Crosstalk “A Wrong Turn” Introduction When Zhao Xun hears the words uttered by the returned Lord, she feels that these words are all the truth. However, she fears that her stature is too small and she is incapable of discerning, so wants to seek out her pastor to act as a gatekeeper. Unexpectedly, on the way to his house, she runs into Sister Zheng Lu. Through Sister Zheng’s fellowship on the truth, Zhao Xun ends up having an awakening and realizes that to welcome the return of the Lord, she must focus on hearing the voice of God, that this is the only way to follow His footsteps. Blindly adoring and following the pastors and elders is simply taking a wrong turn.   » You may be interested in watching more:  • How Exactly Does the Lord Come – Christian Crosstalk • Believers in the Son Have Everlasting Life – Christian Crosstalk • “The True Cannot Be False”: How to Discern the True Christ and False Christs – Church Skit

“There Is Only One God”: Is the Theory of Trinity in Line With the Lord’s Word?

Christian Crosstalk “There Is Only One God” Introduction For 2,000 years, the theological theory of the Trinity has been seen as a basic tenet of the Christian faith. But, is God truly a Trinity? What, exactly, is the relationship between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit? One day, Brother Zhang posts a question in his church’s online discussion group: Does the Trinity really exist? This question begins an intense debate among the believers, after which Zheng Xun and Li Rui discuss and fellowship on this question. What is their conclusion? Please enjoy the crosstalk There Is Only One God.   » You may be interested in reading more: • God Has Never Said That He Is a Trinity • Exploring the Mystery of the Trinity, I Understood the Father and Son Relationship

An Antichrist in the Church – Be Careful! Don’t Be Deceived by Pharisees

Christian Crosstalk “An Antichrist in the Church” Introduction Brother Li is a believer who attends a house church. While he and his brothers and sisters are investigating the true way, their pastor says “God’s words and work are all in the Bible, and anything outside the Bible is heresy” and “any who preach the Lord’s return as incarnate flesh are false” to obstruct and prevent believers from seeking and investigating the true way. The Lord Jesus clearly said, “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth” (John 16:12-13). The Book of Revelation also prophesied, “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Revelation 2:7). The Lord will return in the last days, and people must attentively listen for the Lord’s voice to be able to keep up with the Lord’s footsteps, so why does their pastor openly deny the Lord’s words and strive to prevent believers from receiving the Lord? Watch the crosstalk An Antichrist in the Church for the answers.   » You can click here to watch more: • The Pastor’s ‘Good’ Intentions (Church Skit) • How Exactly Does the Lord Come – Christian Crosstalk • “Last Days’ Pharisees”: Who Blocks Christians From Welcoming Lord Jesus’ Return

Christian Crosstalk "Going Outside the Bible" | Can We Gain Eternal Life by Keeping to the Bible?

Going Outside the Bible – Can We Gain Eternal Life by Keeping to the Bible?

“Going Outside the Bible” Introduction Xiang Yang works at a house church, and just like many religious believers, he thinks that God’s words and work are all in the Bible, that believing in the Lord means believing in the Bible, that the Bible represents the Lord, and that if he abides by the Bible, he will enter the kingdom of heaven and gain eternal life. Brother Zhang Yi, who has just accepted God’s work of the last days, has doubts about this view. The two engage in a humorous debate: Are all of God’s words and work really in the Bible? Does the Bible really represent the Lord? By keeping to the Bible, can we enter the kingdom of heaven and gain eternal life? To find out the answers, please watch the crosstalk Going Outside the Bible.   » You might be interested in: • Heated Debate: Are There Any Words of God Outside the Bible? • Is God’s Work Done According to the Bible?

Everlasting Life, Christian Crosstalk

Believers in the Son Have Everlasting Life – Christian Crosstalk

“Believers in the Son Have Everlasting Life” Introduction The Bible says, “He that believes on the Son has everlasting life: and he that believes not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God stays on him” (John 3:36). Su Yue thinks that believing in the Lord Jesus is believing in the Son and can gain her everlasting life. When Sister Ling says her understanding is only half-complete, Su Yue is confused, and begins debating Ling …. So, what is true belief in the Son? What does “He that believes on the Son has everlasting life” refer to?   » You might be interested in: • What Is the Way of Eternal Life and How Can We Gain It? • What Is the True Meaning of the Coming of the Son of Man? • Gospel Movie “The Mystery of Godliness” Clip: The Mystery of the Coming of the Son of Man

Christian Variety Show Escaping the Cage

Escaping the Cage (2018 Crosstalk)

The crosstalk Escaping the Cage tells the story of how Christian Xiaolan was persecuted and locked in her home for a month by her Communist Party official father

Christian Variety Show Eyes Everywhere

Eyes Everywhere (Crosstalk)

The Variety Show “Eyes Everywhere” describes how the Chinese Communist Party attempts to banish religion through using large-scale searches across the country …

Christian Variety Show Surveillance

Surveillance (Crosstalk)

The variety show Surveillance exposes the hypocrisy of China’s “religious freedom” and “freedom of speech,” and shows you the sinful proof of how China uses high-tech means to attack righteousness and persecute religious faith.

Christian Variety Show Pretenders

Christian Crosstalk “Pretenders”

The crosstalk exposes yet another means the CCP uses to arrest Christians—hiding their identity to get inside the church, shows you the tactics the CCP uses to trap Christians.

Mystery of God's Name

The Mystery of God’s Name – Crosstalk

It is prophesied in the Book of Revelation, chapter 3, verse 12, that the Lord shall have a new name upon His return. So now that the Lord has returned in the last days, can we still call Him Jesus? What mysteries are hidden within God’s name?

Tracking Service

Tracking Service – English Christian Crosstalk

In China, where the CCP holds all political power alone, cruel persecution of Christians by the CCP is an everyday occurrence. To banish religious belief, the CCP even has a “tracking service” for Christians. The crosstalk Tracking Service teaches you all the despicable methods the CCP uses to monitor and track Christians, and shows the hypocrisy of China’s “religious freedom.” Most people also watch: Watch Over This House – Church Skits

christian crosstalk waking up

Waking Up – Crosstalk

Just Awake and About To Wake are preachers of a Christian sect who both sincerely believe in the Lord, and who eagerly yearn for His return.

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