English Christian Crosstalk "A Wrong Turn" | Heed the Voice of God and You Will Not Lose Your Way

7,449 |2019-08-23

English Christian Crosstalk "A Wrong Turn" Introduction

When Zhao Xun hears the words uttered by the returned Lord, she feels that these words are all the truth. However, she fears that her stature is too small and she is incapable of discerning, so wants to seek out her pastor to act as a gatekeeper. Unexpectedly, on the way to his house, she runs into Sister Zheng Lu. Through Sister Zheng's fellowship on the truth, Zhao Xun ends up having an awakening and realizes that to welcome the return of the Lord, she must focus on hearing the voice of God, that this is the only way to follow His footsteps. Blindly adoring and following the pastors and elders is simply taking a wrong turn.


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