Christian Movie "Break the Shackles and Run" | Why Can't We Enter Kingdom of God by Upholding Bible?

57,191 |2018-08-03

Lee Chungmin was an elder at a church in Seoul, South Korea. For more than twenty years, he enthusiastically served the Lord, fully concentrated on studying the Bible. Following the example of his religious leaders, he thought that believing in the Lord meant believing in the Bible, and that having faith in the Bible was exactly the same as having faith in the Lord. He believed that so long as he adhered to the Bible, he would be raptured into the kingdom of heaven. These conceptions constrained him like a pair of shackles, restraining him from following God's footsteps and believing in God. As a result, Lee Chungmin never thought to look into Almighty God's work of the last days …

One day, by complete chance, he watched some hymnal videos on The Church of Almighty God's website. Their stirring lyrics and elegant melodies deeply moved him, inspiring him to look into Almighty God's work of the last days. After undergoing a few debates about the truth, he came to understand the inside story of the Bible through Almighty God's words. He came to understand the true facts of the situation clearly: The Pharisees of the religious world oppose and condemn God's appearance and work under the guise of elevating the Bible. Eventually, he cast aside the controls and restraints of the religious Pharisees and caught up with God's footprints …

【본 동영상에는 부분적으로 한국 다음체를 사용하였습니다】

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