Choir Song | "Kingdom Anthem (III) All People, Shout for Joy"

21,028 |2018-11-28

In God’s light, people see the light again.

In God’s word, people find the things for enjoyment.

God has come from the East and He hails from there.

When God’s glory shines, all nations are lighted,

all is brought to light, not a thing remains in darkness.

In the kingdom, the life of God’s people with God is incomparably happy.

The waters dance for people’s blessed lives,

the mountains enjoy with people God’s abundance.

All men are striving, working hard,

showing their loyalty in God’s kingdom.

In the kingdom, there is no more rebellion, no more resistance;

the heavens and the earth depend on each other, man and God are close and feel deeply,

through life’s felicities, leaning together….

At this time, God formally begins the heavenly life.

Satan’s interference is no more, and the people enter into rest.

Throughout the universe, God’s chosen people live in His glory,

blessed beyond compare, not as people living among people, but as people living with God.

Everyone has experienced Satan’s corruption, tasted life’s bitterness and sweetness.

Now living in God’s light, how can one not rejoice?

How can one simply forgo such a beautiful moment and let it pass?

People! Now sing the songs in your hearts and dance for God!

Now lift your sincere hearts and offer them to God!

Now beat your drums and play for God!

God shines joy over all the universe!

He shows the people His glorious face!

He shall thunder! He shall transcend the universe!

Already He reigns among the people! He is exalted by the people!

God drifts in the blue heavens

and the people move with Him. God walks among the people

and His people surround Him! The people’s hearts are joyous,

their songs shake the universe, cracking the skies!

The universe is no longer shrouded in fog; there is no more mud, no more sewage gathering.

Holy people of the universe! Under God’s inspection your true countenance is revealed.

You are not men covered in filth, but saints pure as jade,

all God’s beloved, all God’s delights!

All things come back to life!

All saints are back in heavens serving God, entering His warm embrace,

no longer weeping, no longer anxious,

offering up themselves to God, returning to His home, returning to His home,

and in their homeland they will love God endlessly! Unchanging! Unchanging!

Where is the sorrow! Where are the tears! Where is the flesh!

The earth is no longer; the heavens are forever.

God appears to all peoples, and all peoples praise God.

This life, this beauty, from time immemorial and forevermore, will not change.

This is life in the kingdom. This is life in the kingdom.

This is life in the kingdom.

from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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