Gospel Preaching "Does Salvation Through Faith Grant Entrance to God's Kingdom?"

4,510 |2022-01-18

A pandemic spreads relentlessly, and earthquakes, floods, insect swarms, famines have begun to occur. Many people are in a state of constant anxiety, and believers are anxiously awaiting the Lord's coming on a cloud to be taken up into the sky to meet with Him, to escape suffering through the disasters and enter into God's kingdom. They don't know why they still haven't been taken up to meet the Lord. They feel uneasy, that they've been cast aside by the Lord and fallen into the disasters. They feel confused and lost. Revelation prophesied the Lord Jesus would come before the disasters and take us up into the sky to keep us from succumbing to them. But disasters have begun to rain down, so why hasn't the Lord come on a cloud to receive believers? Through our faith, our sins are forgiven, we're graced with salvation, and bestowed with righteousness. Why haven't we been taken up into the kingdom of heaven? These are questions many believers have. Well, does salvation through faith really get us into the kingdom of heaven? In this episode of Seeking True Faith, we can delve into this together and find the answer.

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