Gospel Choir | "God Will Restore the Former State of Creation"

42,945 |2018-07-09

The 13th performance by The Church of Almighty God is a musical, a chorus of praise which fuses together Beijing opera, rock and roll, traditional work songs, Latin dance, animation, drama and other forms of expression, to give a vivid interpretation of the journey made by mankind—that has been deceived and corrupted by Satan—as they cast Satan aside and return before God to come under His salvation.

With Satan in power, demons running amok, and with the world in an abyss of darkness, in utter misery, like a hell on earth, mankind painfully struggles on through evil and, even more so, God's chosen people suffer over and over the repression and slaughter at the hands of Satan's demons. Just when Satan, the great red dragon's savage evil and its wild defiance of God is at its height, lightning flashes from the East, and the Christ of the last days—the Almighty Himself—comes to earth to express His Word, bringing the true light, bringing wrath and bringing judgment. Under God's majestic judgment, Satan reveals its true form and God's chosen people use the word of God as a sharp sword to defeat Satan, never again to endure Satan's control or manipulations. Finally, Satan is reduced to ashes by the fire of God's wrath, and the whole world is returned to its former holiness. God's chosen people gather together before God's throne, and they happily sing and dance to celebrate the utter accomplishment of God's great work!

Human Beings Have Regained the Sanctity They Once Possessed

La … la … la … la …
On this jubilant occasion, at this moment of exultation (du ba du ba), God’s righteousness and God’s holiness
have gone abroad throughout the universe (ba ba ba …), and all mankind extols them without surcease. (Du … ba … ba la ba ba)The cities of heaven are laughing with joy (du ba du ba), and the kingdoms of earth are dancing with joy. (Ba ba ba …)Who at this moment is not rejoicing? And who at this moment is not weeping? (Du … ba … ba la ba ba) Earth belongs to heaven, and heaven is united with earth. Man is the cord uniting heaven and earth, and thanks to his sanctity, thanks to his renewal, heaven is no longer concealed from earth, and earth is no longer silent towards heaven. (Da la … da la da … oh …)The faces of humanity are wreathed in, are wreathed in smiles of gratification, and secreted in their hearts is a sweetness that knows no bounds, a sweetness that knows no bounds. (Da la … da la da da da la da)

Man does not quarrel with man (beng …), nor do men come to blows with one another. (Beng …) Are there any who, in God’s light, do not live peacefully with others? Are there any who, in God’s days, disgrace His name?

All human beings direct their reverential gaze towards God (du ba du ba), and in their hearts they secretly cry out to Him. (Ba la ba ba)God has searched humanity’s every action (du … ba … ba la ba ba): among the human beings who have been cleansed (du ba du ba), there are none that are disobedient to God (ba la ba ba), none that pass judgment on Him.

All humanity is suffused with God’s disposition. Da la … da la da da da la da Everyone is coming to know God, is drawing closer to Him, and is adoring Him, is adoring Him. (Ba … ba la ba ba)God stands fast in the spirit of man (ba … ba la ba ba), is exalted to the highest pinnacle in man’s eyes, and flows through the blood in his veins.The joyous exaltation, joyous exaltation in men's hearts (na …) fills every place (na …) on the face of the earth (na …), the air is brisk and fresh (na …), dense fogs no longer blanket the ground (na …), and the sun shines resplendent, the sun shines resplendent.…

From "God's Utterances to the Entire Universe (The Eighteenth Utterance)" in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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