Knowing God’s Authority in the Laws of Universe

The vast heavens of the universe, strewn with stars, are deep and mysterious, always piquing our curiosity and inducing our reveries. So, how much do we know about the mysteries in the universe? After studying some astronomical knowledge in my spare time, I learnt that the diameter of our Galaxy is about 100 to 180 thousand light years and it’s composed of innumerable stars, that the solar system locates about 26,000 light-years away from the center of the Galaxy, and the sun and all the other stars in the Galaxy orbit around the center of the Galaxy, that all the planets travel precisely along their own orbits and rarely collide.…

Knowing God’s Authority in the Laws of Universe

I could not help sighing with emotion: What a wonderful phenomenon! In the heavens of the universe, there are innumerable celestial bodies orbiting in cycles. They do not have the ability to reason or eyes to see, much less have senses. But why do they orbit so methodically and seldom collide? Could it be that someone is managing their movements? These questions preyed on my mind, making me feel very puzzled.

One day, I saw a news report saying that some scientists and astronomers observed that there was an asteroid on a collision course with the earth. After hearing the news, people got in a flap, and scientists attempted to use all kinds of ways to prevent the collision. However, it turned out to be a false alarm because afterward the asteroid deviated suddenly from its original course and passed right by the earth! Things like this are often published online and in the newspaper. Therefore, I felt very puzzled: Are the scientists’ predictions all inaccurate? Or is there a powerful energy in control of these things? Why could mankind be safe from these calamities again and again?

I did not understand the mysteries contained within until one day when I read the following words of God. At that time, the questions that had confused me for many years were also solved at last. God’s words say: “Before this humanity came into being, the cosmos—all the planets, all the stars in the heavens—already existed. On the macro level, these heavenly bodies have been orbiting regularly, under God’s control, for their entire existence, however many years that has been. What planet goes where at what particular time; what planet does what task, and when; what planet revolves along what orbit, and when it disappears or is replaced—all these things proceed without the slightest error. The positions of the planets and the distances between them all follow strict patterns, all of which can be described by precise data; the paths along which they travel, the speed and patterns of their orbits, the times they are in various positions can be quantified precisely and described by special laws. For aeons the planets have followed these laws, never deviating one bit. No power can change or disrupt their orbits or the patterns they follow. Because the special laws that govern their motion and the precise data that describe them are predestined by the Creator’s authority, they obey these laws on their own, under the Creator’s sovereignty and control. On the macro level, it is not hard for man to find out some patterns, some data, as well as some strange and unexplainable laws or phenomena. Though humanity does not admit that God exists, does not accept the fact that the Creator made and has dominion over everything, and moreover does not recognize the existence of the Creator’s authority, human scientists, astronomers, and physicists are finding more and more that the existence of all things in the universe, and the principles and patterns that dictate their movements, are all governed and controlled by a vast and invisible dark energy. This fact compels man to face up to and acknowledge that there is a Mighty One in the midst of these patterns of movement, orchestrating everything. His power is extraordinary, and though no one can see His true face, He governs and controls everything at every moment. No man or force can go beyond His sovereignty. Faced with this fact, man must recognize that the laws governing the existence of all things cannot be controlled by humans, cannot be changed by anyone; and at the same time man must admit that human beings cannot fully understand these laws. And they are not naturally-occurring, but are dictated by a Lord and Master. These are all expressions of the authority of God that mankind can perceive on a macro level.

After reading God’s words, my confusion had finally solved. Since ancient times, the numerous celestial bodies in the heavens of the universe have been orbiting in cycles. They don’t have eyes to see, nor can they communicate, much less having the senses that can perceive their surroundings, yet they are capable of orbiting methodically in the universe without any error. All this is the Creator’s sovereignty and arrangement! God created the universe, established the patterns of the heavenly bodies’ orbits, and predestined the paths along which they travel, so that countless heavenly bodies have been orbiting regularly for thousands of years. And the speed and patterns of their orbits can be quantified precisely and described by special laws. Owing to God’s control and sovereignty, no power can destroy or change the patterns of their orbits. This is a manifestation of God’s authority and power!

God’s words say: “Though the phrase ‘God’s authority’ may seem unfathomable, God’s authority is not at all abstract. He is present with man every minute of his life, leading him through every day. So, in every person’s day-to-day life he will necessarily see and experience the most tangible aspect of God’s authority. This tangibility is proof enough that God’s authority truly exists, and it fully allows one to recognize and to comprehend the fact that God possesses this authority.” As long as we pay attention, we will see God’s authority and wondrous deeds everywhere among all things. For example, God prepared the air, the sunlight, and the water that are closely related to our life. In different seasons and areas He prepared for us the corresponding fruits and vegetables as well as different types of grains. Mankind and all things live within the rules and laws set down by God and exist in an interconnected and interdependent way. Actually, the Creator’s authority is present with us every day, even every minute and every second. The Creator’s deeds have never been hidden from us; they can be seen and truly felt by each of us created beings. Regardless of whether we admit or know God’s authority and power, the fact that God rules over everything cannot be denied or refuted by anyone.

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