Christian Music Video "I Will Love God to Eternity"

18,019 |2018-08-10


O God! Your words have led me back to You.

I accept training in Your kingdom day and night.

So many trials and pains, so many tribulations.

Many times I shed tears and felt heart-stricken,

and many times have fallen into the trap of Satan.

But You have never departed from me.

You led me through many hardships,

You kept me through many dangers.

Now I know that You have loved me.


O God! You lead me to a new life.

Enjoying Your words, I have understood Your will.

Your words judge and chastise me, and cleanse my corruption.

Through trials I have learned to obey You.

Growing up in God’s word, I have come to know God.

I’m willing to do my duty for Your witness and glory.

I’ll love You for all time.

Whether be blessed or cursed, I’ll be happy to be at Your mercy.

I’ll give You a true love, and will not let You wait.

I’ll give You a pure love, and please enjoy my love.

I’ll give You all my love, and let You gain my love.

I will love You for all time; to satisfy You is my wish.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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