Why Do We Suffer in Life? How Can We Get Rid of Suffering?

0 |2022-08-02

Attend this sermon of an international pastor for free. Then you will have the opportunity to find the way to escape suffering.
It’s PAINFUl to feel spiritual emptiness, unable to find the value and meaning of life.
It’s PAINFUL to live in disharmony with our spouses and lead an unhappy married life.
It’s PAINFUL when sickness comes to us.
It’s PAINFUL when any of our loved ones leave the world.
At the beginning when God created mankind, Adam and Eve lived free of anxiety and care in the Garden of Eden, delighting in all the things that God bestowed upon them. They lived happily and joyfully under God’s guidance and didn’t suffer these things, but why are our lives full of suffering?
God says, “Man’s life today is mostly a life of filth; it is still a life of suffering and affliction. This could not be called the defeat of Satan; man has yet to escape from the sea of affliction, has yet to escape from the hardship of the life of man, or the influence of Satan, and he still has but an infinitesimal knowledge of God. All of man’s hardship was created by Satan; it was Satan that brought suffering into the life of man, and only after Satan is placed in bondage will man be able to completely escape from the sea of affliction. Yet the bondage of Satan is achieved through the conquest and gaining of the heart of man, by making man the spoils of the battle with Satan.”
From God’s words, we understand that after mankind was enticed and corrupted by Satan, they have betrayed God and heeded the words of Satan over those of God. For this reason mankind lost the care, protection and blessing of God, and fell under the domain of Satan, becoming more and more depraved. Thus, people have started to suffer from sickness and death, spiritual emptiness, unhappy marriages, and so on. God knows all the sufferings of human beings. Since mankind was corrupted by Satan, God has been working to save us. He has expressed all the truths that can purify and save us, and told us the way to escape suffering and obtain a happy life. God’s intention is to guide us to escape corruption and gain His salvation, so we may be brought into a beautiful destination by God. Nowadays, many people have read God’s words and turned around their painful lives.

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