“Rapture in Peril” Clip: Can Words Spoken by Man That Are in Line With the Truth Represent the Truth?

“Rapture in Peril” Clip Introduction

God is the truth, the way and the life. Only God possesses the substance of the truth. God Himself is the truth. But in the religious world there are many people who consider words spoken by people used by God or who have the work of the Holy Spirit that are in line with the truth to be the truth. They even consider the evil teachings and fallacies that are explained by great and famous spiritual figures based on their notions and imaginations to be the truth. As a result, they are deceived and trapped by people and become people who resist and betray God. So what actually is the truth? What is the correct way to treat words that are in line with the truth that are spoken by people used by God and people who have the work of the Holy Spirit?


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