Gospel Preaching "Does the Lord Really Return on a Cloud?"

5,576 |2022-02-16

We're seeing one disaster after another. Believers have been gazing up at the sky and urgently waiting for the Lord to return on a cloud and take them up into the sky, to save them from the disasters, and to take them into the kingdom of heaven. However, the disasters have come, yet they still haven't welcomed the Lord Jesus who comes on a cloud. Many begin to doubt, wondering if the Lord Jesus is really coming at all, and feeling uneasy. When they are gazing up at the sky and waiting for the Lord to come on a cloud, Eastern Lightning is bearing witness all along that the Lord has come back and He is the incarnate Almighty God. Many people from all denominations, after reading Almighty God's words, have recognized them as the truth, realized they're hearing God's voice, and come before Almighty God, welcoming the Lord. There are also many people who are observing and wondering: Is the Lord really returning on a cloud? Exactly how will the Lord come, upon a cloud or as the Son of man incarnate? This episode of Seeking True Faith will give you the answer.

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