Christian Variety Show Escaping the Cage

Escaping the Cage (2018 Crosstalk)

The crosstalk Escaping the Cage tells the story of how Christian Xiaolan was persecuted and locked in her home for a month by her Communist Party official father

Christian Variety Show Eyes Everywhere

Eyes Everywhere (Crosstalk)

The Variety Show “Eyes Everywhere” describes how the Chinese Communist Party attempts to banish religion through using large-scale searches across the country …

Christian Variety Show Surveillance

Surveillance (Crosstalk)

The variety show Surveillance exposes the hypocrisy of China’s “religious freedom” and “freedom of speech,” and shows you the sinful proof of how China uses high-tech means to attack righteousness and persecute religious faith.

Christian Variety Show Pretenders

Christian Crosstalk “Pretenders”

The crosstalk exposes yet another means the CCP uses to arrest Christians—hiding their identity to get inside the church, shows you the tactics the CCP uses to trap Christians.

Mystery of God's Name

The Mystery of God’s Name – Crosstalk

It is prophesied in the Book of Revelation, chapter 3, verse 12, that the Lord shall have a new name upon His return. So now that the Lord has returned in the last days, can we still call Him Jesus? What mysteries are hidden within God’s name?

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