Gospel Movie "Caught the Last Train" | A Pastor's True Experience of Welcoming the Lord's Return

710,436 |2019-07-07

Chen Peng was a pastor at a house church. He had always served the Lord passionately, and often worked as a preacher, assisting his followers, and shouldered great burdens for the church. But in recent years, the church grew emptier and emptier. Believers were weak-spirited and inactive, missing meeting after meeting. And so even Pastor Chen felt a darkness befall his soul, as if the well of his spirit had dried up, and he could no longer feel the Lord's presence. At meetings, he found he had nothing he could preach about. … He did everything he could think of to revitalize the church, but all his efforts were in vain. … Chen Peng was miserable, lost, and could not understand why his church was growing so desolate, and why they had lost the Lord's presence.

Until one day, by chance, he heard the kingdom gospel of Almighty God. After undergoing an intense debate, Chen Peng finally found the reason why his church had become so desolate, and came to believe that God had already incarnated and become the Son of man: Almighty God, continuously condemned and forsaken by the religious world, who speaks the truth and does the work of judgment in the last days! Only those who accept the judgment work of Almighty God, Christ of the last days, and follow the Lamb's footsteps will be able to be raptured before God's throne and attain the watering and supply of the water of life. As a result, Chen Peng happily accepted the work of God in the last days.

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