Christian Video "Wishful Thinking" | Can Hard Work Denote Doing the Heavenly Father's Will? | Skit

5,048 |2019-02-09

Li Mingdao is a preacher at a house church. He has believed in the Lord for many years, and has always followed Paul's example, focusing on preaching, work, suffering, and paying a price. He believes that "as long as one labors and works, one can enter the kingdom of heaven, be rewarded, and gain a crown." But, at a meeting with his coworkers, Brother Zhang raises doubts about this view. Li Mingdao, not convinced, returns home, and after researching the Bible, engages in an intense debate with Brother Zhang…. Is labor and work for the Lord doing God's will? Does pursuing this way ultimately allow one to be lifted up and enter the kingdom of heaven? Watch the skit Wishful Thinking to find out.


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