Can People Really Enter the Heavenly Kingdom by Having Good Behaviors?

To gain salvation and enter the heavenly kingdom is the common hope of all believers in the Lord. Many of them think that as long as they enthusiastically expend and work hard for the Lord and do good...

Christian Video "Wishful Thinking" | Can Hard Work Denote Doing the Heavenly Father's Will? | Skit

Is labor and work for the Lord doing God's will? Does pursuing this way ultimately allow one to be lifted up and enter the kingdom of heaven? Watch the skit Wishful Thinking to find out.

What Kinds of People Can Enter Heavenly Kingdom?

What kinds of people can enter the heavenly kingdom? Can it be that those who still sin are permitted to enter into it? How should we do to enter into the heavenly kingdom?

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Can Man Enter Kingdom of Heaven by Laboring for the Lord?

I believe that all true believers in the Lord expect the Lord Jesus to come to take them into heaven soon. Some firmly believe that they will surely be taken into the kingdom of heaven by the Lord whe...

Can One Enter the Kingdom of Heaven by Doing Hard Work for God?

People entering the kingdom of heaven will live with God. How can an impure man enter into the kingdom of God? Think back to the Jewish Pharisees of that time. Why could all that they did not be approved by the Lord Jesus?