Gospel Movie Extract 2 From "Break the Shackles and Run": Is Everything in the Bible God's Word?

2,301 |2019-02-24

Gospel Movie Clip Introduction

Like many religious people with faith in the Lord, Elder Li has always felt that "everything in the Bible was inspired by God," "the Bible is the word of God," and "the Bible represents God." These conceptions had long formed the basis for his faith. They had taken root in his heart and had become both an obstacle to his studying the true way as well as bonds that prevented him from accepting the true way. As preachers of The Church of Almighty God patiently read to Elder Li about God's word and fellowshiped with him about the truth, he finally understood that not all of the Bible was inspired by God, but it contains the words of God and the words of man. Elder Li was now free from the bonds and shackles of these religious conceptions.


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