Gospel Movie Extract 2 From "Break the Shackles and Run": Is Everything in the Bible God's Word?

Gospel Movie Clip Introduction Like many religious people with faith in the Lord, Elder Li has always felt that "everything in the Bible was inspired by God," "the Bible is the word of God," and "the...

Gospel Movie Extract 2 From "The Bible and God": Are All of God's Work and Words in the Bible?

Short christian movies about the God's Work and the Bible. Many Christians think that the work and words of God are all in the Bible. Do these ideas accord with the fact of God's work?

Gospel Movie Extract 4 From "Faith in God": Is Keeping to the Bible Equivalent to Believing in God?

Most believers in God that one cannot be called a believer if one departs from the Bible. So is a belief in the Lord and a belief in the Bible one and the same?