Christian Music Video | Korean Song "Praise the New Life" | It's Such a Joy to Enjoy the Love of God

168,472 |2019-06-19

Hallelujah! We praise Almighty God!

Hallelujah! We thank Almighty God!

Christ has appeared in the last days,

His words judge us, chastise us, and cleanse us.

God’s words have changed me,

I enjoy a new life of loving God.

How wonderful it is to understand the truth.

I cast away my corruption and am truly free.

My misunderstandings are all dispelled,and my disobedient disposition changes.

No longer am I lost and in pain.

My spirit has been set free.

God leads me onto life’s bright path.

Enjoying God’s love is the way God lifts me up.

I have tasted God’s love,

and I will love Him forever.

Brothers, sisters join together,without barriers or distance between us.

With like hearts and minds we serve together,singing songs of praise.

Who does not give voice to his love?

Dance and clap!

Forever will we praise and worship God!

Our voices are filled with love for God.

God renews us and changes us into new people.

The corrupt, old life is gone.

It’s such a joy to live before God.

We practice truth, and we feel free and released.

We’ll bring glory to God.

We love God and we live in the light.

God’s people enjoy a new life.

We’ve broken the bonds of the world, of family and the flesh.

To love each other is so sweet.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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