Gospel Preaching | Why Is the God Incarnate of the Last Days Female?

16,247 |2021-11-12

Almighty God, Christ of the last days, has expressed many truths and has shaken the whole world. As they investigate the true way, many people see that Almighty God’s words are authoritative, powerful, and the truth, and they become convinced, but when they hear that Christ of the last days is a female, they refuse to accept Him. They believe that the Lord Jesus is a male, and the Holy Spirit also testifies that the Lord Jesus was the “beloved Son.” Therefore, they think the Lord will definitely be a male when He comes again, and it is absolutely impossible for Him to be a female. Is this view in line with biblical prophecies? Is there a basis in God’s word? Did the Lord Jesus say that He would be a male or a female when He returns? Absolutely not. So, why is the incarnate God in the last days a female, and not a male? This episode of Seeking True Faith will guide you in understanding the truth and understanding God’s appearance and work in the last days.

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