Christian Short Sketch "A Warning From History" (English Skit)

30,507 |2018-06-26

A Warning From History - Church Skits

Two thousand years ago, when the Lord Jesus appeared and worked, the Pharisees clung to the laws and condemned His work, saying that His work went beyond the Scriptures. To protect their status and livelihood, they strove with all their might to stop people from seeking the Lord Jesus' work, and joined forces with the Roman government to nail Him to the cross. In the last days, as the Lord Jesus again appears in the flesh to do work, the leaders of the religious world repeat the historical tragedy of the Pharisees' resistance of Lord Jesus. How do they resist God's work of the last days? Through a pastor acting a Pharisee in a performance, this skit exposes how modern pastors and elders hold on to the Bible to resist God, and shows clearly that the path they walk is exactly the same as that of the Pharisees.


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