2019 Christian Video | "Look! That's a Modern Day Pharisee!" (English Skit)

Church Skit “ Look! That's a Modern Day Pharisee! ” Introduction Two thousand years ago, the incarnate Lord Jesus appeared and worked, preached the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, expressed the tr...

Learn the Root of the Pharisees' Resistance of the Lord Jesus in the Bible from 3 Aspects

As the Bible records, when the Lord Jesus did His work, the Pharisees wildly defied and condemned Him. Do you know the root of their resistance? In a Bible study meeting, Brother Zheng got the answer.

Christian Movie | How to Discern the Essence of the Religious Pharisees (Highlights)

Pastors and elders of the world of religion are all people who serve God in churches. They frequently read the Bible and give sermons to believers, pray for them and show them compassion, but why do w...

Christian Movie | How to Discern the Modern Pharisees (Highlights)

When the Lord Jesus came to do His work, the head of the religious world slandered and condemned Him, and in the end they united with the Roman government to nail Him on the cross. Nowadays the sinful...

Why the Pharisees Could Not Recognize the Lord Jesus Was the Messiah

Two thousand years ago, the Israelites desperately longed for the coming of the Messiah, but when the Lord Jesus, the Messiah, finally arrived, the Pharisees actually nailed Him to the cross, and as a...

True Meaning of Following the Heavenly Father's Will

Only those who follow the heavenly Father’s will can enter the kingdom of heaven. How can we follow His will? Does laboring for the Lord mean following His will?

Why Was the Lord Jesus’ Work Met With So Much Hindrance?

The Lord Jesus gave man all His mercy and love and performed so many miracles. But why is it that He met with so much hindrance when He preached and did His work?

Pastors Have Become Modern-day Pharisees

She always thought pastors were the Lord’s servants, and He would first give revelations to them if He came. But later she said that pastors have become modern-day Pharisees.

Christian Short Sketch "A Warning From History" (English Skit)

Through a pastor acting a Pharisee in a performance, this skit exposes how modern pastors and elders hold on to the Bible to resist God, and shows clearly that the path they walk is exactly the same as that of the Pharisees.