Believe and You Shall Receive. A Commentary on Matthew 21:22

Today’s Gospel

And all things, whatever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.(Matthew 21:22)

The Lord Jesus’ words make us see: All prayers we make with true faith in God, He will surely accomplish. This is God’s promise. For example, it is recorded in the Bible that when the Israelites escaped from Egypt led by Moses, they were trapped between the pursuing Egyptian army and the Red Sea. At this perilous moment, Moses prayed to God with faith and sincerity, and God answered his prayer. With God’s help, they ran across the Red Sea safely, and saw God’s miraculous deeds. Here is another example. Daniel was falsely accused and then was thrown into a den of lions. He relied on his faith to pray to God, and God shut the lions’ mouths, making him stay unharmed. These events allow us to understand: When we pray to God, we should possess true faith, without any doubts about God. People who show insincerity will gain nothing from God. In real life, we pray to God when encountering difficulties. For example, we frequently pray to God for the healing of our illnesses. But if our prayers have no effect on the recovery after a period, we will begin to doubt God and even complain against Him. Obviously, we have no true faith in God, and God won’t listen to prayers of such people. So how should we pray to God with true faith? God says, “When you pray you must have faith, perseverance, and resolution. Most people, when just beginning to train, lose heart because they fail to be moved by the Holy Spirit. This will not do! You must persevere; you must focus on feeling the moving of the Holy Spirit and on seeking and exploring. Sometimes, the path of your practice is not right, and sometimes, your personal motives and notions cannot hold fast before God, and so God’s Spirit fails to move you. At other times, God looks at whether or not you are loyal. In short, in training, you should pay a higher price. If you discover you are veering off on the path of your practice, you can change the way you pray. As long as you seek with a sincere heart and long to receive, then the Holy Spirit will surely take you into this reality. Sometimes you pray with a sincere heart but do not feel as if you have been particularly moved. At times like these you must rely on faith, trusting that God watches over your prayers; you must have perseverance in your prayers.

God’s words show us the way of practice. God requires us to grasp His will when practicing praying, discover the deviations in the practice of prayer, and make sincere prayers. After we practice accordingly for some time, our prayers will definitely be heard by God.

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